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Free Webinar: Demystifying Windows PowerShell V2.0

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

1pm – 2pm EST (60 minutes)


Join Microsoft Windows Specialist and Technical Consultant at Microsoft Corporation, Manoj Nair, and technical training leader, NetCom Learning, for an interactive look at Windows PowerShell v2.0. This live webinar will unveil the "magic" of PowerShell and show us how it can be used to help automate popular business tasks.

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Demonstration and Discussion Topics Include:

  • » What is PowerShell?
  • » Gotchas, Tips, and Tricks
  • » The Power of the Pipeline
  • » Managing Active Directory
  • » PowerShell Installation and Configuration
  • » Understanding Cmdlets, Snap-ins, Aliases and Help
  • » Working with Services, Processes, and Event Logs
  • » Fancy Output using the Formatting Subsystem
  • » Working with Services, Processes, and Event Logs
  • » Unleash PowerShell to do the "Impossible"
  • » Fancy Output using the Formatting Subsystem
  • » Exclusive Training Offers and much more...

This event includes an exclusive look at NetCom's highly anticipated hands-on training package - Microsoft Windows PowerShell v2.

powershell v2Manoj Nair is a Senior Technical Consultant at Microsoft Corporation specializing in Windows operating systems. An accomplished Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with a laundry-list of certifications, Manoj has delivered successful training and certification solutions to individuals and businesses across the globe. NetCom is happy to present Manoj Nair for this live, one-time webinar on Microsoft Windows PowerShell v2.0.