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Developing & Retaining Millennial Talent Through Career Resources

Thursday, November 30, 2017

1pm – 2pm EST (60 minutes)


Find out how to build an employment brand and recruiting process that will outsell your competition and boost the quality of Gen Y applicants you receive. Discover how to revamp your strategy to include development methods most valued by Gen Y talent. See examples of the latest trends in career development tools, ideas, and technology that are working to keep this group of early career employees motivated and focused on contributing discretionary effort to your company’s bottom line. In this session, attendees will learn:

» How to adopt and enhance career development resources within an organization.
» The importance of integrating learning resources with a company’s core values.
» The benefits of engaging leaders and employees in the development and deployment of learning resources.


» The most important job factors for attracting and retaining early career talent
» Employment branding strategy and messaging for Millennials
» Career support strategies that work for Gen Y employees
» Use of integrated talent management technology for Gen Y self-service career development
» Use of gamification platforms for career development
» The trendsetters – Case studies from F500 companies, what they doing to attract and retain early career employees
» Q&A with the speaker

Featured Speaker:

Vincent Suppa
  Vincent Suppa

Speaker Bio:

Vincent Suppa is a global HR polymath and self-described member of Generation Flux. Using his operational experience across multiple industries spanning three continents, he now consults, teaches at New York University and is an active member of HR Avant Garde. ™

As long as HR continues to be the gatekeepers to the jobs people want, Vincent will continue to give those around him – including those attending today’s webinar – the prerequisite mindset to navigate their professional world to their advantage.

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