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Executive Webinar: Negotiating Skills

Thursday, December 08, 2016

1pm – 2pm EST (60 minutes)


Join NetCom Learning trainer, V. Suppa, along with Managed Learning Services leader NetCom Learning for a complimentary webinar on "Negotiating Skills".

In this world, we do not get what we deserve. We get what we negotiate.

Economists were often frustrated because the masses did not act as their rigorous models predicted they would. In the same way behavioral economics reshaped their own discipline, learn the most effective ways to negotiate toward the outcomes you desire against one of the most emotional mammals in the world – human beings.

Why should you get none of what you want when you can get most of what you want? There is no skill more fundamental to success than the ability to negotiate.

Whether you are negotiating with venture capitalists or for a promotion, negotiation skills are vital to get more of what you want by giving up less than what you want. You will leave this talk with specific operational advice to immediately improve the quality of your professional life.


» Emotionally connect with opponents for better outcomes for all parties.
» Understand the limits of BATNA as a negotiating technique.
» Transform negotiations from fixed to variable sum gains.
» Q&A with V. Suppa

Speaker Bio: V. Suppa

CEO of HR with business literacy in finance, strategy & technology. Efficiency expert with operational experience in Hi-Tech, Telecom, Health Care, Non-Profit & Government sectors. He is former founding SHRM chapter President. NYU graduate professor & SarderTV speaker.