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Free Webinar: Microsoft Excel 2013 | Formulas & Functions

Friday, October 17, 2014

3pm – 4pm EST (60 minutes)


Join Microsoft Office Specialist and NetCom Learning trainer, Sharon Fry, for a free interactive webinar on Formulas & Functions in Microsoft Excel 2013.

This session will be run at a demo pace.

Audience: You should have experience creating basic formulas and using functions in Microsoft Excel.

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This one-hour webinar covers:

  • » Use IF to produce results based on conditions
  • » Use SUMIF to add values that meet criteria
  • » Use IFERROR to provide alternate results to error messages
  • » Use VLOOKUP to return values based on specific input
  • » Use Text functions to manipulate text values
  • » Use Date functions to construct dates from text
  • » Plus Tips & Tricks and more
  • » Q&A with Sharon

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Featured Speaker

Microsoft Excel Specialist and NetCom Trainer

Sharon Fry

This event includes a sneak peek at NetCom's highly anticipated training program: Excel 2010/2013.

Sharon is an independent software consultant and trainer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She is also Host for the Computer Outlook Talk Show and serves as Executive Director of the Outlook Foundation.

Both knowledgeable and experienced in multiple operational areas of varied industries, Sharon focuses on streamlining business processes with creativity and utilization of available technology. She enjoys discovering ways that software can be used to help businesses and individuals devise solutions. Moreover, she has always taken naturally to computers and software throughout her career. These qualities, along with a patient and genial manner, enable her to be a resourceful consultant and an instructor with a proven track record of successful training delivery.

Sharon uses and consults on a wide spectrum of software applications, particularly Excel and Access, primarily for the small to mid-size business user. Presently specializing in the Microsoft Office System including SharePoint, Sharon is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Master Microsoft Office Specialist (certified in Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word), and has been a Registered Microsoft Partner since 2004.