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Free Webinar: Why Healthcare IT Technician?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12pm – 1pm EST (60 minutes)


CEH InstructorJoin NetCom Learning, CompTIA and Element K for an interactive look at CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician - the brand new certification program that helps individuals and medical facilities in preparing for the transition from paper based records to electronic healthcare records (EHR).

Keynote presenter for this event is Carol Balkcom, Director of Product Management & Skills Development at CompTIA. Carol Balkcom is the Director of product management on multiple CompTIA certifications. She is responsible for managing and monitoring the business strategy for certifications, and represents CompTIA at industry and academic events.

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In this session, we will cover:

  • » Overview of the demand for IT professionals versed in the healthcare industry (specifically in the creation and maintenance of HER systems)
  • » Details on transition by medical facilities to EHR systems
  • » Details on regulations and laws that are helping facilitate this transition and creating
  • » Value and benefits of the CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician certificate
  • » NetCom's CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Certification Course
  • » Q&A

This event includes a sneak peek at NetCom's acclaimed hands-on training program: CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician (Now offered Live Online)

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician