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Top Learning Technologies for 2018
How do you embrace, empower, and meet expectations of modern learners?

Technology is impacting our daily lives and work spheres, and training and development is no exception. Companies are using advanced software, technology tools and techniques to transform their traditional learning methods and strategies. With gaps in skills and talent becoming more complexed and challenging, organizations are using technology more than ever to understand their training requirements and create impactful learning and training programs.

The shortened shelf-life of skills has disrupted traditional corporate learning environments. Learning approaches have broadened, putting learners in the driver seat. And the need for modern learners to constantly evolve skill sets has pushed L&D professionals to curate and facilitate modern learning experiences — not just one-off learning programs.

With this whitepaper we bring you some of the top technology trends that will dominate the learning and development industry in 2018:

  • Helping employees embrace new technology
  • Empowering employees to foster change and innovation
  • Deliver modern learning experiences to meet expectations from modern learners
  • The technical aspects of choosing the best option for your organization
  • The top learning technologies for 2018
  • Key findings

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