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Vendor Management

NetCom Learning's sourcing management services range from managing global partners for off-the-shelf courses to individual contractor/consultant instructors worldwide.

Our network of suppliers, vendors, and partners assures best practices in learning. We produce the best content, acquire the finest trainers and facilitators, and develop the most robust technology delivery tools to meet our clients’ learning goals.

With 17+ years of learning delivery experiences and partnering with thousands of training vendors worldwide, we help organizations reduce cost and improve the overall quality of training programs and learning outcome.


NetCom Learning manages our sourcing activity in three key areas:

  • Content and Curriculum Management—Encompassing all aspects of course and content identification, evaluation, pricing, and selection.
  • Instructor Resource Management—Managing instructors, coaches, tutors, facilitators, and other consultants at your locations around the globe.
  • Learning Consulting—Ranging from books and materials to assessment, evaluation, and selection of technology.



  • Help learning organizations to reduce costs while improving overall quality.
  • Partner with over 3,000 of the leading training suppliers worldwide.
  • Negotiate pricing, terms, conditions and contracts.
  • Proactively research the supplier market and learning trends for best practice and innovation.
  • Routinely interview instructors, consultants and training suppliers to grow and keep our learning supplier database updated.
  • Conduct more than 100 internal supplier awareness sessions annually.
  • Run CompTIA CTT+ Certification (Train the Trainer) workshop every month to prepare our new instructor and training partners.



Why Choose NetCom Learning: We believe that an organization's ability to learn and translate that learning into rapid action - is the ultimate competitive advantage.


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