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Top 5 Cyber Threats and Vulnerabilities

Honda, Kmart Stores, US drug maker Merck & Co, and largest power companies are bearing the brunt already.
You don't want to be the next Victim of Ransomware.

For security leaders at larger organizations, changing business imperatives and operations can make the challenge of securing the organization a complex one.

Cybersecurity is now a management priority as leadership has come to understand that cybersecurity ties to organizational risk and is not just a function of IT, therefore Understanding business initiatives and aligning risk helps Raise Awareness and Visibility.

With this whitepaper we bring you insights on:

  • Top 5 cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities.
  • The 7 steps for risk management and your bottom line.
  • Managing risk and security at the speed of digital business.
  • Cybercrime on the rise – What to do?
  • How to manage risk, build trust, and embrace change?
  • Resiliency to achieve high reliability.