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Be a step ahead of cyber criminals. Brace yourself and the organization against cyberattacks.

On a regular Friday, when the world was comfortably using the ALT-TAB to swap between business mails, trading-screens and social media sites, WannaCry marked its grinning entry into the news haughtily locking hundreds of computers from any further access.

Is the internet secure? It becomes a matter of deep introspection whether the internet remains a safe place for us with all our personal and official data on it.

What somehow manages to creep in our systems as a bot, ends up taking away our time, money and data. It is thus important for us to be aware about cyberthreats and keep looking for the best options to save our data from such attacks.

Take a proactive stance on security. It is time to wake up and begin preparing a defense for the future. Acquire the skillset, become certified cybersecurity professional.

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