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Scaled Agile Training Courses

In the beginning, Agile development was used for pilot projects at the enterprise level. Developers worked in small teams safe_in_a_nutshell experimenting with making lean and Agile methods work in their environment. The pioneers noted what worked and what did not, and developed various frameworks and strategies for scaled Agile adoption.

Scaled Agile adoption by enterprises has boomed in the last few years. As more enterprises realized their benefits, more executives started to pay more attention to implement and practice lean and Agile methods. The most important management responsibility is still to measure improvement and ROI. It requires from management to choose the solution that best fits their business model & products, and helps shorten the delivery and release phases in order to outperform competitors.

Once enterprises decide to Go Agile, they have different methodologies and frameworks to choose from. While experts and consultants tend to specialize in one single method, and promote it exclusively, there is no universal agreement about which is the best framework or method. Needless to say, there is no one-fits-all solution, and every framework has pros and cons.


Scaled Agile



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