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Top 10 Reasons for Organizations to support PMI credentials

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Leading organizations and governments around the world invest in professional credentialing for project management.

By supporting PMI credentials...
1. Your workforce will understand processes and terminology. To obtain a credential, individuals must pass a multiple-choice exam and other evaluations based on the current body of knowledge and tasks related to the job role.

2. Your workforce will be more disciplined. Credential holders are not only tested on their knowledge of project management terminology and processes, but also on their competence to perform in their role.

3. Your workforce will know what to look for before they start a project. By understanding the common processes and terminology, your project team knows the steps to initiating, executing and closing a project thereby making success more likely.

4. Your workforce will value team work. Certified project management practitioners tend to have good communication skills, human resource management and to take advantage of diverse expertise through collaborative efforts.

5. Your clients will have increased confidence because your project team uses baseline of terminology and practices. This shows that your project team operates in harmony with one another creates more efficient and fluent workflow and leads to better results. Clients can trust that projects will be handled in a better way.

6. Your clients will have increased confidence because your credentialed project team has an ethical code. PMI credential holders must adhere to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct which shows clients that your project team operates with integrity.

7. Your clients will have increased confidence because your project team has knowledge of the most up-to-date global practices. PMI credential holders must participate in the Continued Certification Requirements (CCR) program to maintain an active certification status. The CCR program requires credentials holders to partake in professional development activities throughout the year.

8. You will have repeatable processes and improved project results. This prevents you and your project teams from having to start from scratch every time you begin a new project because disciplined project management calls for lessons learned and shared process assets.

9. You will retain employees by investing in their professional development. When you invest in your employees' professional development, you show your commitment to them and in turn, they will be more committed to the organization. You will be able to retain employees and attract new talent.

10. You will help grow the profession of project management. By endorsing PMI credentials, you provide long-term career paths in project management for your workforce.

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