Advanced SAN Implementation

Advanced SAN Implementation Course Description

Duration: 5.00 days (40 hours)

In this course, you'll focus on advanced fabric configurations and multiprotocol implementations, such as iSCSI, FCIP, and FCoE. You will cover migrating switches, routing, booting from SAN with iSCSI and FC, optimization for virtualization, encryption, and security and performance throughout the implementations. In hands-on labs, you will configure each of the covered subjects and harden the environment with various security options. The course is intended to provide a level-set for students who are generally quite familiar with SAN technology, but not as familiar with advanced and emerging products and technologies.

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Intended Audience for this Advanced SAN Implementation Course

  • » Anyone responsible for setting up advanced SAN configurations

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Advanced SAN Implementation Course Objectives

  • » Advanced fibre channel concepts and requirements for fabric configuration
  • » Start to end configuration of an advanced multiprotocol fabric
  • » Configure VSANs and Virtual Fabrics
  • » Steps to migrate from an M-Model to a B-Series and/or MDS-Series switch
  • » Fibre Channel and iSCSI Boot from SAN
  • » Routing in the Fibre Channel Environment
  • » Configure B-Series and MDS-Series Fibre Channel Routing
  • » Configure virtualization features on a Fibre Channel switch
  • » Configure Port Analyzer hardware and software and analyze a trace
  • » iSCSI features, functions, and software requirements
  • » Configure native and bridged iSCSI in B-Series and MDS-Series environments
  • » Discovery methods for iSCSI
  • » Secure iSCSI with CHAP, IPSEC, and IKE
  • » Functionality benefits and hardware requirements of FCoE
  • » Configure Host CAN and FCoE switch
  • » Functionality, benefits, and hardware requirements of Connectrix Encryption
  • » Configure Connectrix Encryption
  • » FCIP functions, features, benefits, and hardware requirements
  • » Configure FCIP in B-Series and MDS-Series evironments
  • » Optimize and secure FCIP links

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Advanced SAN Implementation Course Outline

      1. Heterogeneous Fabric Migration
      2. Fibre Channel Boot from SAN
      3. Fibre Channel Routing
      4. Virtualizing a SAN Environment
      5. Securing and Optimizing a Fibre Channel SAN
      6. IP Trace Analysis
      7. Advanced iSCSI Configuration
      8. Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)
      9. Connectrix Encryption
      10. Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP)
      11. Labs
        1. Lab 1: Migrating from an M-Model Switch to a B-Series Switch
        2. Lab 2: Migrating from an M-Model Switch to an MDS-Model Switch
        3. Lab 3: Fibre Channel Boot from SAN
        4. Lab 4: Routing in a B-Series Fabric with ISL Trunking
        5. Lab 5: Routing in an MDS-Series Fabric with Port Channels
        6. Lab 6: Distance Extension Routing
        7. Lab 7: Integrating VMware Virtual Machines to the Fibre Channel Fabric
        8. Lab 8: Fibre Channel CHAP Configuration
        9. Lab 9: Setting up a RADIUS Server
        10. Lab 10: Implementing SNMP Security
        11. Lab 11: FC Trace Analysis with an MDS Port Analyzer
        12. Lab 12: IP Trace Analysis
        13. Lab 13: Configuring iSNS for iSCSI
        14. Lab 14: Configuring Discovery Domain for iSCSI
        15. Lab 15: Native iSCSI Configuration
        16. Lab 16: iSCSI Boot from SAN
        17. Lab 17: Bridged iSCSI between a Windows Host and B-Series Director
        18. Lab 18: iSCSI between a Linux host and MDS-Series Switch
        19. Lab 19: Securing iSCSI with Mutual CHAP
        20. Lab 20: Configuring IPSEC with IKE
        21. Lab 21: iSCSI Performance Tuning
        22. Lab 22: Configuring FCoE between a Windows Host and a NEX-Series Switch
        23. Lab 23: Configuring FCIP in a B-Series Environment
        24. Lab 24: Configuring SAN Copy for Remote Replication through an FCIP Link in a B-Series Environment
        25. Lab 25: Configuring FCIP in an MDS-Series Environment
        26. Lab 26: Configuring MirrorView for Remote Replication through an FCIP Link in an MDSSeries Environment
        27. Lab 27: Improving Performance in an FCIP link

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