Open System Services (OSS) Basic Commands and Utilities for NonStop Servers

Open System Services (OSS) Basic Commands and Utilities for NonStop Servers Course Description

Duration: 2.00 days (16 hours)

Open System Services (OSS) is an open computing interface to the HP NonStop Kernel operating system and is based on Posix standards. In this course, you will learn OSS application development and the creation or port of applications to the OSS environment on a NonStop server. You will also cover OSS basic commands, editors, and utilities in the NonStop Kernel OSS environment. You will spend 60 percent of class using HP servers in hands-on labs.

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Intended Audience for this Open System Services (OSS) Basic Commands and Utilities for NonStop Servers Course

  • » Application developers
  • » System analysts
  • » Support personnel

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Open System Services (OSS) Basic Commands and Utilities for NonStop Servers Course Objectives

  • » Navigate the OSS directory structure
  • » Display the contents of a file and a directory
  • » Create aliases
  • » Set and change file and directory permissions
  • » Change user and group IDs
  • » Set the sticky bit
  • » Perform specific vi commands
  • » Configure a user profile
  • » Manipulate environment variables and background jobs
  • » Stop an OSS process
  • » Time start an application
  • » Perform error tracing

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Open System Services (OSS) Basic Commands and Utilities for NonStop Servers Course Outline

      1. Open System Services (OSS)
        1. UNIX Operating Systems
        2. Linux Operating Systems
        3. Characteristics of Open Systems
        4. Common Shells
        5. OSS Standards and Components
        6. Accessing the Shell
        7. Displaying System Information
        8. Online Documentation
      2. Basic Shell Commands
        1. OSS Shell and Utilities
        2. Entering Commands and Syntax
        3. OSS Shell Features
        4. Displaying User Information
        5. OSS File System and Hierarchy
        6. File System Terminology
        7. Common Directories
        8. OSS Pathnames and File Types
        9. Creating an Alias
      3. Securing Files
        1. OSS Security
        2. Permission Modes, Settings, and Defaults
        3. Setting and Changing Permissions
        4. File-Creation Mask
        5. File and Directory Access
        6. Set User and Group IDs
        7. Restricting File Removal
        8. Text-File Editing Options
      4. Using the vi Screen Editor
        1. OSS Terminal Requirements
        2. vi Terminal Settings
        3. vi Modes and Options
        4. Using the vi Editor
        5. vi Editor Commands
        6. vi Session Options
      5. Configuring the User Environment
        1. Configuring a Profile
        2. Shell Environment Variables
        3. Setting the PATH Environment Variable
        4. Setting Terminal Attributes
        5. Configuring the Message of the Day
        6. Command-Line Recall and Editing
        7. Set Shell Options
        8. Default Input and Output Files
        9. Redirection
        10. Pipes and Processes
        11. Spooling and Printing
        12. Search Order
      6. Advanced Commands and Utilities
        1. Finding Data in a File
        2. Grep command
        3. Customizing Outputs
        4. Counting lines, Characters, and Spaces
        5. Sorting, Finding, and Linking Files
        6. Additional Utilities
        7. Process Options
        8. Running Background Processes
        9. Manipulating Background Jobs
        10. Stopping Processes
        11. Time Starting an Application
      7. Command Scripting
        1. Comments and Metacharacters
        2. Shell Scripts
        3. Variables
        4. Control Structures
        5. Test Command
        6. Expr and Read Commands
        7. Arguments
        8. Error Tracing
        9. Miscellaneous Statements
        10. Arithmetic on Shell Variables
        11. Let and Select Commands
        12. Functions and Function Management
      8. Labs
        1. Lab 1: OSS
        2. Lab 2: Basic Shell Commands
        3. Lab 3: Permissions
        4. Lab 4: Using the vi Screen Editor
        5. Lab 5: Configuring the User Environment
        6. Lab 6: Advanced Commands and Utilities
        7. Lab 7: Command Scripting

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