Big Data on AWS

Big Data on AWS Course Description

Duration: 3.00 days (24 hours)

Big Data on AWS training introduces you to cloud-based big data solutions and Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), the AWS big data platform. In this course, we show you how to use Amazon EMR to process data using the broad ecosystem of Hadoop tools like Pig and Hive. We also teach you how to create big data environments, work with Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Redshift, understand the benefits of Amazon Kinesis, and leverage best practices to design big data environments for security and cost-effectiveness.

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Intended Audience for this Big Data on AWS Course

  • » Individuals responsible for designing and implementing big data solutions, namely Solutions Architects and SysOps Administrators
  • » Data Scientists and Data Analysts interested in learning about big data solutions on AWS

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Course Prerequisites for Big Data on AWS

  • » Required: AWS Technical Essentials
  • » Basic familiarity with big data technologies, including Apache Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS, and SQL/NoSQL querying
  • » Working knowledge of core AWS services and public cloud implementation
  • » Basic understanding of data warehousing, relational database systems, and database design

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Big Data on AWS Course Objectives

  • » Understand Apache Hadoop in the context of Amazon EMR
  • » Understand the architecture of an Amazon EMR cluster
  • » Launch an Amazon EMR cluster using an appropriate Amazon Machine Image and Amazon EC2 instance types
  • » Choose appropriate AWS data storage options for use with Amazon EMR
  • » Know your options for ingesting, transferring, and compressing data for use with Amazon EMR
  • » Use common programming frameworks available for Amazon EMR including Hive, Pig, and Streaming
  • » Work with Amazon Redshift to implement a big data solution
  • » Leverage big data visualization software
  • » Choose appropriate security options for Amazon EMR and your data
  • » Perform in-memory data analysis with Spark and Shark on Amazon EMR
  • » Choose appropriate options to manage your Amazon EMR environment cost-effectively
  • » Understand the benefits of using Amazon Kinesis for big data

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Big Data on AWS Course Outline

      1. Overview of Big Data
      2. Big Data Ingestion and Transfer
      3. Big Data Streaming and Amazon Kinesis
        1. Lab: Using Amazon Kinesis to Stream and Analyze Apache Server Log Data
      4. Big Data Storage Solutions
      5. Big Data Processing and Analytics
        1. Lab: Using Amazon Athena to Query Log Data From Amazon S3
      6. Apache Hadoop and Amazon EMR
        1. Lab: Storing and Querying Data on Amazon DynamoDB
      7. Using Amazon EMR
      8. Hadoop Programming Frameworks
        1. Lab: Processing Server Logs With Hive on Amazon EMR
      9. Web Interfaces on Amazon EMR
        1. Lab: Running Pig Scripts in Hue on Amazon EMR
      10. Apache Spark on Amazon EMR
        1. Lab: Processing NY Taxi data using Spark on Amazon EMR
      11. Amazon Redshift and Big Data
      12. Visualizing and Orchestrating Big Data
        1. Lab: Using TIBCO Spotfire to Visualize Data
      13. Managing Big Data Costs
      14. Securing Your Amazon Deployments
      15. Big Data Design Patterns

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