DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts

DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts Course Description

Duration: 5.00 days (40 hours)

This course is designed to teach you how to fully use the advanced technical functions and features of DB2 LUW.

Perform advanced monitoring using the DB2 administrative views and routines in SQL queries. Use the db2diag.log file messages to direct your investigation of problems using db2pd, INSPECT, db2support, and DB2 traces. Use DB2's health monitoring and Health Center to review the health indicator status for the instance, database, and table spaces. The type of problems monitored and resolved include buffer pool activity, lock contention, long running SQL statements, and log space utilization. Understand how automatic and manual first occurrence data capture can help to collect the diagnostic information needed to solve problems.

Configure and manage the implementation of DB2 instance or database level auditing, including using the db2audit command and creation of audit policies which can be assigned to specific tables, users or database roles to perform selective collection of audit records.

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Intended Audience for this DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts Course

  • » This is an advanced course for DB2 LUW experienced database administrators who support DB2 for UNIX, Windows, and Linux databases.

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DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts Course Objectives

  • » Monitor a DB2 LUW database using command line processor queries
  • » Use the db2diag command to search the DB2 diagnostic log messages to resolve various common database problems
  • » Implement DB2 Instance audit data collection using the db2audit command or database level auditing by creating audit policy objects and assigning the policies to objects using the AUDIT command.
  • » Configure a DB2 database for autonomic utilities, including database statistics collection and table reorganization
  • » Analyze REORGCHK reports to determine if the table or the index reorganization would improve database efficiency. Invoke and monitor the processing for the REORG utility running offline or online
  • » Manage the disk space allocated in DMS table spaces using ALTER TABLESPACE to extend or to reduce the containers, and monitor the progress of the DB2 rebalancer process
  • » Implement automatic resize for DMS table spaces or Automatic Storage management for table spaces to reduce the complexity of managing DB2 LUW databases
  • » Use the DB2LOOK utility to extract the Data Definition Language (DDL) for existing database objects
  • » Plan and execute the DB2MOVE utility to copy selected table data for an entire schema for objects from one DB2 database to another
  • » Configure the TCP/IP connections from DB2 clients to DB2 database servers to support application access or remote administration by database administrators
  • » Plan the movement of DB2 databases or table spaces using the Backup and Restore utilities or using the db2relocatedb command with non-DB2 utilities
  • » Plan and implement MDC tables to improve application performance, including selecting the appropriate table space extent size
  • » Utilize range-based partitioned tables to support large DB2 tables that require very efficient roll-in and roll-out capabilities

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DB2 9 for LUW Advanced Database Administration for Experts Course Outline

      1. Module: 1
        1. Welcome
        2. Advanced Connectivity and Remote Administration
        3. DB2 Advanced Connectivity
        4. Advanced Locking
        5. Advanced Monitoring
        6. DB2 Advanced Monitoring with SQL
      2. Module: 2
        1. Advanced Problem Determination
        2. DB2 Advanced Problem Determination
        3. DB2 Database Auditing
        4. DB2 Database Audit implementation
        5. Advanced Table Space Management
        6. DB2 Advanced DMS Table Space Management
      3. Module: 3
        1. Advanced Data Movement
        2. DB2 Advanced Data Movement
        3. Advanced Table Reorganization
        4. DB2 Advanced Table Reorganization
      4. Module: 4
        1. Multiple Dimension Clustering
        2. DB2 Multidimensional Clustering
        3. Autonomic DB2 Utilities
        4. Autonomic Database Utilities
      5. Module: 5
        1. Table Partitioning
        2. Table Partitioning

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