Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for File System Archiving: Administration

Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for File System Archiving: Administration Course Description

Duration: 4.00 days (32 hours)

The Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for File System Archiving:Administration course is designed primarily for system administrators responsible for installing, operating, integrating, and monitoring the day-to-day performance of Enterprise Vault within their File System Archiving environments.

This course covers how to install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Enterprise Vault from the File System Archiving perspective. The course helps you to better understand the product's functionality, features, and operations, as well as those topics that matter most to customers.

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Intended Audience for this Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for File System Archiving: Administration Course

  • » This course is for Symantec customers, consultants, partners, technical support engineers, system engineers, sales engineers, file server experts, and anyone who is responsible for installing, operating, and maintaining Enterprise Vault in a File System Archiving environment.

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Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for File System Archiving: Administration Course Objectives

  • » Hands-On: This course includes practical, hands-on lab exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to transfer them into your working environment.

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Symantec Enterprise Vault 10.x for File System Archiving: Administration Course Outline

      1. Introduction to Enterprise Vault
        1. Enterprise Vault overview
        2. Enterprise Vault functions
        3. Enterprise Vault architecture
      2. Initial Configuration of Enterprise Vault
        1. Initial Configuration of Enterprise Vault
      3. Introduction to File System Archiving
        1. File System Archiving : Overview
        2. File System Archiving architecture
        3. File System Archiving terminology
        4. Paper Exercise: Planning File System Archiving policies
      4. Configuring File System Archiving
        1. Planning File System Archiving
        2. Configuring File System Archiving
        3. File System Archiving best practices
        4. Hands-On Labs: Preparing and adding the file server as a target, setting up FSA policies, creating and configuring archiving rules, adding archiving targets, running and scheduling FSA tasks, verifying archived files
      5. Managing Client Access
        1. Integrated Search
        2. Web Browser search tools
        3. Client access to archived items
        4. Hands-On Labs: Investigating search tools, managing indexes, investigating Single Instance Storage
      6. Configuring and Managing Indexes
        1. Introduction to Introduction to Enterprise Vault 10.x indexing
        2. Configuring indexes
        3. Managing indexes
        4. Hands-On Labs: Configuring indexes, reviewing new indexing options and features, investigating Single Instance Storage, managing indexes using the Manage Indexes Tool
      7. Managing File Life Cycle
        1. File lifecycle management: Overview
        2. Setting up Retention Folders
        3. Configuring File Blocking
        4. Configuring Pruning
        5. Hands-On Labs: Creating and configuring retention folders and retention folder policies, pruning archived versions of files
      8. Archiving from Non - Windows File Servers
        1. Introduction
        2. Configuring NetApp filer
        3. Configuring the EMC Celerra device
        4. Demos: Preparing an EMC Cellera device for FSA, setting up a Cellera device for FSA
        5. Hands-On Labs: Setting up NetApp Filer, configuring a NetApp filer as an FSA target and archiving folders
      9. File System Archiving Reporting
        1. Reporting overview
        2. Installing and configuring FSA Reporting
        3. Managing FSA Reporting
        4. Hands-On Labs: Installing Enterprise Vault Reporting, configuring Enterprise Vault Reporting, configuring File System Archiving Reporting, running File System Archiving Reporting
      10. Backing Up and Recovering Enterprise Vault
        1. Enterprise Vault components to back up
        2. Backup options and strategies
        3. Using Backup mode
        4. Configuring collection
        5. Recovery procedures
        6. Demo: Backing up and restoring Enterprise Vault
        7. Hands-On Labs: Identifying Enterprise Vault components to back up, investigating backup mode
      11. Maintaining File Server Target
        1. Maintaining file server targets
        2. Using FSAUtility
        3. Troubleshooting FSAUtility
        4. Backing up and restoring placeholders
        5. Demo: Backing up and restoring placeholders
        6. Hands-On Labs: Using FSAUtility to move and migrate placeholders
      12. Troubleshooting Enterprise Vault and File System Archiving issues
        1. Troubleshooting procedure and tools
        2. Troubleshooting common FSA issues
        3. FSA Checkpointed Scan
        4. Troubleshooting shortcut creation and deletion issues
        5. Hands-On Labs: Utilities and logs, deleting orphaned placeholders, the Archive Now Shortcut Later option, the Delete on Delete option
      13. Monitoring Enterprise Vault (optional)
        1. Enterprise Vault Operations Manager (EVOM) monitoring
        2. Monitoring performance
        3. Performing common tasks
        4. Hands-On Labs: Configuring and using Enterprise Vault Operations Manager (EVOM), using System Status for diagnostic monitoring

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