Pivotal RabbitMQ

Pivotal RabbitMQ Course Description

Duration: 3.00 days (24 hours)

This intensive three day, instructor-led course in RabbitMQ provides a deep dive into how to install, configure, and develop applications which leverage RabbitMQ messaging.

The course begins with RabbitMQ installation and general configuration. It continues with developing messaging applications using the Java APIs, and delves into more advanced topics including clustering, high availability, performance, and security. Modules are accompanied by lab exercises that provide hands-on experience.

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Intended Audience for this Pivotal RabbitMQ Course

  • » Developers
  • » Architects
  • » Administrators

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Pivotal RabbitMQ Course Objectives

  • » Install and configure RabbitMQ
  • » Activate and use plugins such as the web management console
  • » Implement messaging patterns and applications using the Java client
  • » Set up a cluster of RabbitMQ node
  • » Configure high availability appropriately
  • » Tune and optimize RabbitMQ for better performance
  • » Secure RabbitMQ

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Pivotal RabbitMQ Course Outline

        1. Benefits of messaging and asynchronous systems
        2. Why JMS is not enough
        3. The AMQP model
        4. Differences between AMQP and JMS
        1. Product description and main capabilities
        2. Installation, directory structure, and configuration
        3. Durability with the Mnesia database
        4. Web management console
        5. Multitenancy with virtual hosts
        6. Logging with the firehose tracer
        1. Clients (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, etc.)
        2. Focus on the Java client
        3. Publishing and consuming messages
        4. Managing AMQP resources
        5. AMQP routing with exchanges and queues
        6. Higherlevel abstractions (Spring AMQP & Integration, Pika)
        7. Messaging patterns
        1. Durable queues and exchanges
        2. Persistent messages
        3. AMQP and JMS transactions
        4. Transactions and acknowledgments
        5. Dead lettering
        6. Best practices for bulletproof message flows
        1. Scalable messaging architecture through clustering
        2. Creating a cluster
        3. Disk vs. RAM nodes
        4. Administration of a cluster
        5. Load balancing
      6. PLUGINS
        1. Authentication using LDAP
        2. Exposing AMQP functionality using the STOMP protocol
        3. Messaging over a WAN using Shovel or Federation
        1. Node failure handling
        2. Mirrored queues
        3. Slave synchronization
        4. Client failover handling
        1. Impacts of configuration and client code options on performance
        2. Memory-based flow control
        3. Best practices
      9. SPRING AMQP
        1. Spring's AMQP template
        2. Configuring AMQP Resources using Spring
        3. Sending and receiving messages
      10. SECURITY
        1. Why secure AMQP communication?
        2. Users management
        3. Securing RabbitMQ at the protocol-level (SSL/SASL)
        4. Setting permissions using virtual hosts
      11. MONITORING
        1. Management API
        2. Tools
        3. What to monitor

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