HP UNIX Fundamentals

HP UNIX Fundamentals Course Description

Duration: 5.00 days (40 hours)

In this extensive introduction to the UNIX operating system, you will learn how to use its many commands and utilities. You will cover the standard UNIX system file editor and basic shell programming. You will spend 40 percent using HP servers in hands-on labs.

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Intended Audience for this HP UNIX Fundamentals Course

  • » System administrators, network administrators, software developers, programmers, operators, and technical users

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HP UNIX Fundamentals Course Objectives

  • » Use your UNIX system effectively by automating tasks with shell programs
  • » Customize your UNIX system to meet your individual needs
  • » Use the full capabilities of your system

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HP UNIX Fundamentals Course Outline

      1. UNIX
        1. UNIX structure and capability
        2. UNIX history
        3. UNIX standards
      2. Logging In and General Orientation
        1. Logging in and logging out
        2. Viewing online man pages
        3. Executing basic UNIX commands
      3. Navigating the File System
        1. UNIX File system layout concepts
        2. Absolute and relative pathname concepts
        3. Navigating and viewing directories with CD, PWD, and lS
        4. Creating and removing directories with mkdir and rmdir
        5. Searching directories with find
      4. Managing Files
        1. File concepts
        2. File characteristics
        3. Viewing files with cat, more, head, and tail
        4. Printing files with lp, lpstat, and cancel
        5. Managing files with cp, mv, ln, and rm
      5. File Permissions and Access
        1. UNIX file permission concepts
        2. Managing file permissions with chmod and umask
        3. Managing other attributes with chgrp, chown, and touch
        4. Changing user and group identities with su and chgrp
      6. vi Editor
        1. Editing files
      7. Shell Basics
        1. Shell features
        2. Shell types
        3. Using command aliasing
        4. Using command line recall and editing
        5. Modifying TERM, PATH, and other environment variables
      8. Shell Advanced Features
        1. Local and environment variables
        2. Variable substitution
        3. Alias substitution
        4. Command substitution
        5. Tilde substitution
      9. File Name Generation
        1. File name generation character concepts
        2. File name generation characters:
          1. ?
          2. []
          3. *
      10. Quoting
        1. Quoting concepts
        2. Quoting characters: ,", '
      11. Input and Output Redirection
        1. Redirecting standard input, standard output, and standard error
        2. Using sort, wc, and grep filters
      12. Pipes
        1. Shell pipeline concepts
        2. Using tee, cut, tr, more, and pr filters
      13. Network Services
        1. Local Area Networks (LANs)
        2. Hostnames
        3. Testing connectivity: ping
        4. ARPA services: telnet, ftp
        5. Berkeley services: rlogin, remsh, rcp
        6. Secure shell services: ssh, scp, sftp
      14. Process Management
        1. Listing processes with ps
        2. Starting processes in the background with "&"
        3. Starting processes in the background with nohup
        4. Moving jobs to the background and foreground with bg and fg
        5. Prioritizing processes with nice
        6. Terminating processes with signals
        7. Terminating processes with kill
        8. Scheduling processes with cron and crontab
        9. Scheduling processes with at
      15. Shell Programming
        1. Writing simple shell programs
        2. Using environment variables in shell scripts
        3. Using positional parameters in shell scripts
        4. Using read in shell scripts
      16. Shell Programming Branches
        1. Using if and case constructs for conditional branching
        2. Using and generating return codes
        3. Using string, integer, and file tests
      17. Shell Programming Loops
        1. Performing arithmetic in the shell
        2. Shell script while loops
        3. Shell script until loops
        4. Shell script for loops
      18. Offline File Storage
        1. Creating and using tar archives
        2. Creating and using cpio archives

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