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Top Cloud Trends to Watch In 2018

Cloud Computing – The Trendsetter

The new year 2018 is here, and it brings new trends in technologies to drive IT this year. Among the many trending technologies expected to contribute to the agile IT world, cloud computing holds the top spot. Whether it is software solutions, IT services, data storage, infrastructure, or requirements for the most recent IT platforms to develop a business solution, cloud computing has facilitated tiny to giant companies with the most feasible and cost-effective quick fixes, while also allowing companies to invest largely in terms of money, time, and effort. Today, 47% of companies are using popular cloud deployments, including email, messaging, business applications, and data storage. It is predicted that the utilization of cloud services, applications, platforms, and infrastructures to enhance business performance and productivity will exceed 50% of all businesses worldwide in 2018. 

SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and cloud storage options leverage diverse cloud computing requirements of almost every business, irrespective of the business size or domain. Based on the cloud computing needs, companies define and implement their cloud strategies to target their specific business requirements.


Top Cloud Trends to Watch in 2018

Cloud technologies are the core of every successful business, and companies are seriously investing in well-skilled cloud professionals. Understanding and learning the upcoming top cloud trends can help you grab the most promising careers and job opportunities. Some of the most crucial cloud trends to watch in 2018 are:

1.    Cloud Services Solutions: As per a survey done by CISCO, SaaS solutions will be the most highly deployed services of the Cloud in 2018 across the globe. It is predicted that 60% of cloud workloads will be accounted by SaaS, approximately 12% higher than that was predicted for 2017. A 5% modest growth rate in PaaS solutions adoption is also predicted with a significant increase in IaaS solutions acceleration as well.

2.    Cloud Storage: Cisco predicts that data centers with a global storage capacity of 600 EB will achieve an estimated capacity of 1.1 ZB in 2018, which is almost double the numbers and statistics predicted for 2017.      

3.    Internet of Everything (IoE): IoT is anticipated to witness exponential growth through the continual evolution and innovation in cloud computing and the real-time data analytics which bring the internet of everything (IoE) into the big picture in 2018. The processes, data, and communication between machines and humans and the rest everything in the environment begins to pull together cohesively. Cloud computing is a vital element in IoE development because it simplifies all such interactions within complex systems.

4.    Security Challenges: 2018 is expected to observe an increased level of cloud security threats as cyber attackers and hackers continuously update their application stack to find more vulnerabilities.

How to Keep Pace with Top Cloud Trends in 2018

You need to move with the ever-changing cloud trends to accelerate your career and become recognized as an expert cloud professional in the global arena. The top cloud technologies that can help you stay ahead of the curve in 2018 include:


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