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The Way to Become a Cyber Security Expert

Enterprises across different sectors are looking for professionally validated industry experts who understand the looming danger of cyber-attacks and how to combat those threats strategically. For countering the security threat to a digital infrastructure, you need to employ two essential approaches:

  • Knowledge of system and network penetration
  • Defense against data breaches

Essential skills and authentication you need to possess to work as a security expert

A number of niche certification programs are available to provide the highly specialized training required of aspirants seeking to enter the cybersecurity industry. These certification programs are valuable whether you are an entrant or a seasoned security expert looking to move up the ladder. Two significant and highly sought-after certifications in this domain are CEH & CNDA certification. These vendor-neutral courses and related certifications are provided by the EC-Council, the leading IT and e-Business certification awarding body.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

A world-famous cybersecurity certification program, the CEH training course provides extensive hacking knowledge and skill development. The main objective is to counter the approach being applied by a hacker. Often termed “the White Hat,” an ethical hacker is one who works like a hacker, but in a legitimate manner, to protect the organizational network infrastructure from any data breach.

An ethical hacker penetrates, tests, and finds loopholes in the system and network to uncover vulnerabilities and weaknesses and fix them before any hacker or cyber-criminal can take advantage of them.

Benefits of CEH certification exam training

  • Understanding the working approach of a hacker, thus developing preventive and proactive security measures
  • Comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with the vulnerabilities in a network
  • Identifying the exploit life-cycle by determining attack vectors, and thus preparing a secured network


Certified Network Defender Architect (CNDA)

Apart from knowing about the system and network vulnerabilities, an IT security expert should be well versed in network defense, which is the first line of defense for any organization. This can be achieved by attaining a dedicated network security course – Certified Network Defender Architect (CNDA), a vendor-neutral intermediate level course from the EC-Council.

Benefits of CNDA training courses

  • Understanding network security technologies to manage defense-in-depth network security
  • Knowledge of protect, detect, and respond approach to network security
  • Complete analysis of host/network security processes
  • Understanding the whole structure of security postures and procedures

These courses are suitable for IT security aspirants who possess a basic understanding of networking and system security. Whether you go for Certified Ethical Hacker Training or Certified Network Defense Architect training, possessing these credentials will certainly elevate your career in the field.