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Sarder Scholarship Recipients

Sarder Scholarship Recipients

The monthly Sarder Scholarship is open to driven individuals from any background or experience level. See the eligibility requirements.

October 2014 Winner
Vince Massop

Background “I was born and raised in the Bronx. I am happily married with my wife of seven years and a son who is seven years old. Its been a tough road trying to make ends meet. I am currently majoring in Electrical Engineering and started this path when I graduated in 2003 and went to City College of Technology, Bronx Community College and am now currently studying with Devry online since I have so little time to be in the classroom. I''ve been steadily chipping away at a Bachelor''s Degree by consistently taking classes every year, so that I can better support my family. Financial Aid will only give so much since my wife and I both work so it seems like I''ve been studying forever. I took a tour at Netcom Years ago and was so excited but the prices ere so steep I got a little discouraged but was urged to go fill out the scholarship application. There was so much going on in my life that I had to get myself situated before I could fully apply myself for these certifications. I feel like I''m ready to get this done. I''m working as a Security Officer and have worked my way to Supervisor but the glass ceiling has been built and I want to have a career not just a job. I don''t feel that I have tapped into my full potential and as years go by I feel my talents are being wasted. I want to make my family proud. I want to show them that I am still the scholar I was when I went to school. I understand I had to put food on the table but I have not taken my eyes off the prize.”

What are your Goals? “I want to get into the world of technology. Eventually I would love to be an Engineer and I feel that if I apply myself to anything, I can achieve it. I love computers and learned that the best way to get my foot in the door is to get certain certifications. Technology will never go away and as a Security Officer in a Verizon Data Center I look around at all of these servers and computers and I say to myself " I want to know how these machines work." This facility is massive and the technology is amazing. Every unit works together in unison and to make sure that billions of dollars of equipment is safe is a huge responsibility but I want to do more than that. I have always been hands on and I want to make sure that I understand the computer inside and out. Nothing makes me feel more helpless than when my computer is not functioning properly and I have no idea what the main cause may be. Yet I keep trying different tactics until I get it up and running again. I feel great and my son looks at me as if I really am "tech savvy", but I really want to be able to diagnose, fix and understand computers so that I can function with confidence. I want learn how computers work and all of the networking and security aspects of computers as well. I also want to obtain a degree as well because in one or another I am going to have to use computers on a daily basis.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I would truly appreciate the opportunity to achieve my goals by obtaining this scholarship. With this scholarship I can actually wake up in the morning and know that I am on the path of obtaining a career. I would use this scholarship to get the certifications that I need to get a position in the career field that I truly belong. This would help me better provide for my family and be a better person in life. Time is running out and I don''t want to be in a "woulda,shoulda coulda" situation. Now is the time to make the best of any opportunity I get and I would love the experience to have my occupation match the individual that I really am. Too many times my co workers tell me that I am not supposed to be working here and I''m tired of explaining with excuses. This scholarship may not cover every class but after visiting Netcom years ago, I realized that this is the best place to get certified in the field. This is the reason why I am back and I''m going fight and claw my way into that classroom.”

Why right candidate? “There are so many people that are deserving of this scholarship and I hope that one day they actually make their way into the careers they rightfully deserve, but I feel that right now I am the right candidate for this scholarship. I have been studying so hard for school and A+ certifications and after three years of being at this job with no vacations, days off or appreciation I feel that now is the time to get onto the right career path. I have a family who have been so supportive of me throughout the years and have always been pushing me to get into a better opportunity and I have always told them that I have a plan. I have been very patient am grateful for everything I have and I would be even more grateful for receiving this scholarship and making Russell Sarder and everyone involved with NetCom proud that they''ve made the right decision. I really want to make a change in the life that I am living. I want to contribute to the world of technology and put my brain to better use. This is a chance to be a better role model”

September 2014 Winner
Sue Stauner-Roloff

Background “My background is in manufacturing, supervision, supply chain, and related and nothing around IT formally, which is why it''s so surprising to me and others that I am now the unofficial poster person for SharePoint (SP) and all it can do. Although my computer skills are good, I didn''t have a clue about SP. The role of SharePoint owner was given to me when I was on vacation in 2013 and I happen to check my emails from home and read, "...and Sue will be the SharePoint Owner of our site..." I thought, "Oh, okay. Wonder what that means." Little did I know that it would put me on a path to learning, trial and error (more error at times), and much to my surprise, something I love and have a PASSION for. Go figure! An original farm girl now a SP wanna be guru, funny how life has it''s twists and turns that all work out in the long run.”

What are your Goals? “My learning goals are currently SharePoint 2010 and all that it can do, espeically workflows! I have working knowledge of SP 2010-Foundation level OOB and have found information/training via other employees, online tutorials, and seminars. I am such a sponge right now for SP knowledge that it even surprises me. Workflows are something I know my team can benefit more of, but I need to get the knowledge and trial/error to get it to the level I understand, then turn it loose on a few teams and watch how it makes their jobs easier. Build a great workflow and the other team members will follow.”

How will this scholarship help you? “My goals are all about SharePoint 2010 and what it can do that I have knowledge of but don''t know how to do it (like Workflows), or amazing tasks it can do but I currently don''t even know it can do it. I don''t know what I don''t know, but I''m willing to expose myself to the information and see where it takes my site. Our team still have many manual steps at times in various processes on the network and I know SP can help take out many, if not all, of those manual steps and automate them. My goal is to take the non-value added steps out of the tasks of team members so they have time to work on improving their processes and focusing on the internal and external customer more. Both customers are important and we have customer service goal metrics that would be great to increase this year yet and even better for next year.”

Why right candidate? “My PASSION for SharePoint is infectious and I sooooooo want to take our site to the next level and get our team members OFF of the network files and endless folder upon folder upon folder nightmare. Since there are many internal SP sites within our company, it would be great to be an advocate of the SP training received and let coworkers know where they can go to get great training as well. The proof is in the SP pudding and once they see the benefits of the workflows and other SP things, they are then on the path to being open to training and learning more to make their site better (or even getting it working in the first place!) Pick me, pick me! I so want the training and know it will only benefit what I currently have. I only see good things coming out of the training for both parties! ”

August 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2014 Winner
Candace Robinson

Background “I have been a computer enthusiast since Apple released the iMac Flavours and AOL mail was revolutionizing how people communicate. For years I pursued money instead of just following my heart and releasing my inner computer geek for the world to see. I have always been fascinated at what it takes to build a computer and also what it takes to maintain a network as well as securing that network. I am 26 years old currently and employed at a law firm as a client service representative. This fall I am entering into my second semester at the Community College of Philadelphia pursuing an associate degree in business. I am an extremely driven young woman and am eager to begin my career in IT. ”

What are your Goals? “My learning goals are to first to become Strata IT certified which will lay the groundwork and make me more knowledgeable about the basics of a computer. I am currently studying for that exam and hope to receive that certification no later than November. After this I will pursue the A+, Net+, and Sec+ certifications to obtain an entry-level position. After that I will pursue the Cisco CCNET certification and possibly the CCNA after that. I have a strong interest in networking and can''t wait until I can obtain these certifications and put my skills into practice. ”

How will this scholarship help you? “ This scholarship will be tremendous in helping me achieve my goals! The scholarship will aid me greatly as I pursue my certifications to make me marketable as an IT professional. It would take me a great deal of time to save up to take a boot camp course or the alternative courses offered by Netcomlearning. However, the financial difficulty I would encounter would not stop me from beginning my journey to becoming an IT professional. I have made up my mind to pursue these certifications and will not stop until I receive them. I am proactive enough to buy a few a CompTia study guides and possibly do okay on the exams but I don''t want to just do okay on the exams I want to exceed my own expectations. I believe that I can do that by receiving training from an experienced IT professional at Netcom that has industry experience will make the chances of my success even greater. ”

Why right candidate? “ I sincerely believe I am the right candidate for the Sarder Scholarship because I am passionate about learning information technology and becoming knowledgeable as much as I possibly can about the various fields and opportunities I can pursue after I attain certifications. After I receive these certifications the possibilities for what I can do in the IT field will be endless. The certifications I earn will not only change my life but the people that I know and encounter. I hope to start a non-profit organization for the elderly and teenagers who want to learn the basics about computers or who need help in pursuing their own career in IT. This scholarship is the key needed to give me access to my dreams of accomplishing my pursuit of earning certifications and helping others achieve their dreams in IT as well. ”

July 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2014 Winner
Shawn Robb

Background “ I started off working with technology in 1996 while in high school as a junior with Turbo Pascal and creating an application with a database to store all the school sports records in. Eventually, I went on to college for a physics degree but stopped about halfway through and changed to computer science. I graduated college in 2002 with the computer science degree. I could not find a job in my college town so I started working on a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. I eventually landed a job in QA testing software. I have been testing software for a little over 10 years now. I am rusty with my computer science skills but I am very good with database skills. I would like to advance my database skills.”

What are your Goals? “ MCSA - SQL Server 2012 MCSE - Business Intelligence MCSE - Data Platform ”

How will this scholarship help you? “ My ultimate goal is to work with our Certified Microsoft Master SQL Server. I really just love SQL Server and what to get more into it. I am hoping these certifications will prove to people that I know my stuff. Also, I want to learn with these classes and not just some brain dump. Nothing is worse than someone who has a certification but crammed for it and really doesn???t know anything.”

Why right candidate? “ I am hard working. I am very analytical. I really love SQL Server and want to learn. This is something that would mean the world to me at the moment.”

June 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2014 Winner
Vincent Rockett

Background “I am a recent graduate of Mississippi State University with a BS in Information Technology. Upon graduation I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to work for Windstream Communications. My position there was a Network Engineer. While I enjoy software development engineering more, it was a great starting opportunity in the field of IT. After working there for about 8 months my contract ended due to budget cuts within the organization. I am looking to pursue a career in software development engineering. I am eager and hungry to learn about the new and innovative technology that is shaping our world. Due to my lack of professional experience and location I am currently at a halt and am looking for ways to expand my opportunities and enhance my skills and knowledge in IT/Engineering. There are not many opportunities in the region that I am in for the IT field and I am willing to travel/relocate to embark on new opportunities that are available. I feel that I am wasting away my skills if I am sitting around waiting for the right opportunity to fall in my lap, so I am taking responsibility to develop a strong foundation. I am motivated and can be placed in any environment and excel. If you would, please consider me for this scholarship opportunity so that I will be able to afford quality training to enhance my skill set and take a dive into my passion. While I am a first generation college student, I do have a strong desire to be all that I can be and learn with a strong drive.”

What are your Goals? “My learning goals are to learn as much about software engineering as possible. As I was discussing with the Rep from NetCom, I want to be able to give employers what they are asking for. I want to have a full stack coding experience that will allow me to explore new opportunities and be competitive. I want to maintain a continuing education mindset because the technical work is always growing and improving. As I improve my skills, I want to be able to teach them to others that want to learn them also. I want to know software engineering and it''s best practices so well that I become a SME. I want to be the go to guy that knows the answer that someone is looking for. And I know that to be able to do that I will have to stay up to date with new material. Since I am fresh in the workforce, I want to get a great start in learning while other skills that may assist in the learning process of software development are still fresh on the mind. I asked the Rep about the programming language that is growing the fastest and which do he think will be a great start to be certified in. From our brief discussion Java is the top language today. I want to learn all of them if time allows. However, at the moment funds are a huge factor.”

How will this scholarship help you? “ The Sarder Scholarship will help me achieve my goals by taking the financial burden off of my learning potential. It is no secret that money hinders learning in some ways. I would love to have the best world class education available, however money is one of the barriers that stands in the way. While this scholarship would play a huge part in funding my training, I do know that my drive to learn also plays an important role. The Sarder Scholarship creates the opportunity for me to not have to worry about my funds while learning, which has been something I have done a lot in the past.”

Why right candidate? “ I can''t say that I am THE right candidate to win this scholarship because there may be someone out there who''s situation is worse than mine and needs assistance as well. I can say that I am among the candidates that should be highly considered because I have a passion for technology/engineering because it creates new opportunities and gives a tremendous benefit to the entire world. I am self motivated to learn and driven about innovation to improve the quality of life in every aspect. This scholarship will help me take that huge step in advancing my skills and meeting new people with similar goals.”

April 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
April 2014 Winner
Brian Witt

Background “For the last 18 years or so, I''ve been in the graphic design world, but over the last couple of years, I''ve seen both salaries and my interest in the field decline. I''ve always been one of the "tech guys" wherever I''ve worked over the years, so to focus on that has been a natural progression. I''ve been involved with computers from a very young age - my father was programming databases before I was even born - so you really can say it''s in my blood. I was building and modifying computers as a teenager and I still tinker and play and tweak as much as I can. I''m starting to think it''s more of where I should have focused my energies years ago. I''ve been building my skills through a combination of learning at NetCom and through books and online resources. Once I get additional certifications under my belt, I am aiming to enter the cybersecurity field. I''ve already been invited to participate in the upcoming statewide NetWars competition, having proven my basic chops already. Gaining greater knowledge as well as certifications will certainly help me get the doors to open up so I can stride through and make my way in a new world.”

What are your Goals? “My goals are to learn more about the cybersecurity field through taking classes. Gaining certifications are a necessity in the field, and the knowledge I would gain through taking classes at NetCom will go a long way towards achieving my goals. As I plan on making my way in cybersecuity, I plan on learning more about ethical hacking, digital forensic techniques and the architecture of setting up and shoring up defenses. I''ve learned much so far and have a driving need to learn more!”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me make myself a better scholar who can not only find solutions for problems in the world with the skills a political science major gives you but also be apply to apply those solutions and being able to use the technological advancements is major step forward into achieving the goal.”

Why right candidate? “ I am the right person for this because I''m driven by an inner fire for gaining knowledge. It''s been a hallmark of my entire life. I''ve come across far too many people in the world who simply go through the motions of getting degrees and certifications and such, all just to get "the job." For me, this is about more than just getting a new career in gear. It''s about the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and about really becoming part of a field where constant gaining of new knowledge is not only a bonus, but an absolute necessity. If someone doesn''t have that inner fire and passion for gaining greater knowledge, there''s just no room for them in the constantly evolving world of technology. I have the drive, the intelligence, and the interest in really making this my life''s work instead of "just something I do for the paycheck." I think that, with the help of the Sarder Scholarship, I can continue to push for that goal and truly make a difference.”

March 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
March 2014 Winner
Mikel Qafa

Background “My education in the classes is only part of my learning experience, I prefer learning by doing. I study Political Science at Earlham College, Richmond IN, USA. I live in Europe and America and share a rich background after having heritage from Italy and Albania, and having lived over most of European countries for a short period of time. I will resume my studies in the fall of 2014 in the US, so during the time being I wanted to keep experiencing the real world and explore more fields of study. Since I was a child I knew I wanted to do something to change the lives of other people around the world, and I would love to use my skills acquired with experience and motivation to make my dream come true. Success to me is a measure of the way and how much my work influences the lives of other people. And there is no better way to deliver this change than by learning how to deliver this change by learning more from the the online courses and classes NetCom offers.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me make myself a better scholar who can not only find solutions for problems in the world with the skills a political science major gives you but also be apply to apply those solutions and being able to use the technological advancements is major step forward into achieving the goal.”

Why right candidate? “ I am the right candidate to win this scholarship because I have had enough opportunities and experiences in life where not being able to use technology did not stop me from giving a solution to the problem; but if I had had more knowledge how to use technology I could have better predicted the outcomes and served a better solution to the people.”

January 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
January 2014 Winner
Kimberly Parker

Background “I have my Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems, and I love all things involving technology. I enjoy helping friends with their technological issues, I also enjoy instructing individuals on how to use computers and other devices. I am self-taught, highly motivated, and extremely passionate in my pursuit of technology. Recently I worked in the Computer ESL Lab before earning my Bachelor''s Degree. I often troubleshooted Level 1 IT issues such as lost files, frozen computers, and printer issues. Out of the 5 of us on staff including the Supervisor I was always referred to as the Tech Guru. Even after graduation I still receive calls and emails for computer issues, I love what I do, solving people technological problems, and giving them peace of mind.”

What are your Goals? “My learning goals are to continue learning all that I can to become a better IT Technician to be a great asset to a company. Additionally to pursue a Networking+ Certification, and develop better skills in Networking, and as well as Security+. Additionally, I would like to study programming such as Python, and C++, but not limited to just those two.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me to achieve my goals by giving me the resources to pursue these certifications and to be well equipped for a company. I''m passionate about technology and this scholarship is just what I need to continue in this pursuit. I''m passionate about learning.”

Why right candidate? “I am the right candidate to win this scholarship because I love learning, am extremely passionate about all things technology, am self-motivated, and community and technology focused. I love teaching what I have learned and helping others to reach levels in higher technology whether its as simple as setting up their email addresses, using tablets for the first time, teaching them how to avoid spyware, showing them how to use software or encouraging them that they can be successful in their learning.”

December 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
December 2013 Winner
Roy Wallace

Background “I'm 34, have been a computer geek since teaching myself Qbasic programming on my father's IBM 285 when I was around 14. Took typing classes and BASIC programming in high school, have worked with some other programming languages like C+ and C++, but in no real major extent. Most of my geekiness comes in the form of building and or repairing desktops and laptops, and I absolutely LOVE it :) Unfortunately it seems like every time I try and finish a degree something life changing happens (sudden moves, family problems, etc) that cause me to drop. Lately I have noticed more tech jobs wanting certifications more than degrees, but have always had an issue being self taught of learning the different order that is required for the certification exams. ”

What are your Goals? “To get my A+ and Network+ certifications so I can stop doing physical labor jobs and do what I enjoy doing, working with computers. I build my own, troubleshoot my own and others, have even built a few custom desktops here and there for people. ”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will enable me to finally take a class geared towards strictly the A+ and/or Network+ certification tests and will enable me to finally apply for those jobs I KNOW I have the talent for, but cannot afford to pay for with any reasonable frequency (1500-2000 dollars is a lot of money for me to come up with).”

November 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
November 2013 Winner
Mubeen Sarwar

Background “I'm the first one in my family to go to college and being the first one means a lot. I am currently pursuing my bachelor in Business Human Resource at Brooklyn. I've already received my associate degree in Business Administration from Kingsborough Community College. I want to keep learning and show my father his hard worked paid off by bringing me here for a better life. I am an ambitious person and want to learn new things; "Knowledge is Power" and no one can take that away from you. I've always had a passion for computers, As I can remember I use to try troubleshooting, installing new parts on a computer and figuring out new ways to make my PC run faster since I was about 11. I would love to learn and begin my career path of becoming a master IT at NetCom Learning.”

What are your Goals? “My goal is to be certified in CompTIA A+ and Network+. After completion of both certificates, I want to increase my knowledge in the IT field by following the Learning Plan Netcom has set for being an IT Professional and find a job as an Network Engineer or Information System Manager. I believe NetCom Learning is the best place to learn and begin your IT career path..”

How will this scholarship help you? “I'm ambitious to learn new things and learning to be an IT technician is one of my main goals since I was young. This scholarship will help me financially by being the key to my IT career because it will be the stepping stone and building block I need to become an IT professional. More importantly I would like to show my father that all his hard work paid off and see a smile on his face when I am awarded this scholarship..”

Why right candidate? “I believe I am the right candidate to win this scholarship is because I am very ambitious in pursuing my goals and working hard to achieve it. I am willing to go to great extent to reach my goals just like my father went to great extent to provide a better life for me and my family. For me learning never stops and I hope by winning this scholarship I can continue on learning and excelling. I have a drive to make my dreams come true and most importantly to see my father proud of all my accomplishments I have achieved.”

October 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
October 2013 Winner
David Brown

Background “I severed in the United States Army for over 12 years before being medically retired in 2002. Independently, I have studied for several industry certifications on my own. Thus far I have been certified with Security+, MCSA Windows 7, MCITP Windows 7- Enterprise Desktop Support, MCITP Windows 7 - Enterprise Desktop Administrator, Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects and SharePoint 2010, Configuration. I currently work for the federal government which has recognized my work ethic and accomplishments with The Commanders Award for Civilian Service in 2012 and the Achievement Medal for Civilian Service in 2013.”

What are your Goals? “My individual learning goals are very long reaching. I truly believe in continuous education regardless of age. I enjoy giving back and find that being called an (SME) Subject Matter Expert calls for a variety of skills not only in the subject at hand but being able to pass this wealth of knowledge I have inside my head to other individuals in a concise and thorough manner in many different venues. I am currently working on getting my (CTT+) thru CompTIA in an attempt to become a (MCT) Microsoft Certified Trainer to identify myself not only as someone who has knowledge on a specific platform, but has further demonstrated a vast knowledge of instructional methods to become a qualified individual to deliver (MOC) Microsoft Official Curriculum among my peers and organization. Looking outside the box, I work with very knowledgeable SMEs; however no individual within my organization has gone the extra mile to become a Certified Technical Trainer. This skill set will allow me to show immediate value to my organization whether it is in my improved oral skills, classroom/virtual presentation abilities being showcased in an up-front and in person manner or on paper with a value added certification.”

How will this scholarship help you? “The application process has already allowed me to take a step back and reevaluate myself, my goals and where they will take me. During this economic crisis, being furloughed in the summer for 8 weeks and now the Government shutdown; every penny counts. This scholarship would allow me to achieve my goals today without causing a further strain on my financial well-being. Attending courses with NetCom is of the utmost importance to me. A Sarder Scholarship will allow me to attend courses today rather than putting them on the back burner for a later time; when I have saved enough money to attend.”

Why right candidate? “I know I am the right candidate to be awarded the Sarder Scholarship because of my drive and dedication to achieve so much more for myself, family,organization and community. If selected I plan to "PAY IT FORWARD" and use my skills and certification to give back in ways never imagined. Receiving this scholarship and attending training from NetCom Learning, I will showcase as a recipient; an individual who is capable of achieving great success for themselves as well as giving back to others. My skill set will be used on a more personal note; as I volunteer to facilitate group learning for the unemployed or a less skilled worker striving for higher pay at an outreach center. I would be honored to accept a Sarder Scholarship and fully commit to excellence as student at NetCom Learning; ensuring it was money well spent!”

September 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
September 2013 Winner
Rhonda Smith-King

Background “My background consists of Healthcare in hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics. Providing care to patients under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Physician in the hospitals. I also have experience in computer technology, working at DELL Inc. here in Tennessee as well. Since working for DELL I have trained and apprenticed under a Certified Computer Technician that taught me other network, hardware, and software aspects of technology that would be needed. Currently looking to advance my career and continue to work in healthcare and technology with a certification in Healthcare Information Technology with CompTIA+ Healthcare IT.”

What are your Goals? “My learning goals would be to advance in the Technology field in order to keep up with the ever changing economy. In the future I would like to take the certifications such as MCSA/MCSE.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me achieve my goals since the healthcare IT field is ultimately what I feel will let me provide a better life for self and my children. I would like to continue to be able to work in healthcare and help people as much as I can.”

Why right candidate? “I am the right candidate to win this scholarship since there is nothing left in this work field that I have not already done and not been successful at. I like to be challenged and solve complex problems. Working in the healthcare IT field is both exciting to me and challenging. Then providing a better lifestyle for my children is what I would love to work hard in doing and this scholarship will help me to do just that.”

August 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2013 Winner
Taylor Mantzke

Background “I am a happily married father of one with a firm belief that the advanced evolution of humanity is possible through the advancement of technology and science. I was raised in a navy town by parents who achieved little more than a high school education. My parents strove to lovingly teach me good values, but I was largely unprepared by them to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world. I was gifted with a keen mind but was not taught how to harness it in choosing a field of study, let alone a career path. As high school drew to a close I had not applied to any colleges or found a job that would suit my interests. I spent my post high school years wandering from state college to community college and back, changing my focus a number of times, learning a large amount about chemistry, foreign language, history, and finally information technology. By the time I really became interested in IT, my cycle of gaining and losing interest in topics had taken its toll on my GPA. I was placed on academic probation with no option to appeal. Lacking the funds to continue school, I worked retail and ended up getting married. We moved to the DC area where we had our son and I was able to get a job working in electronic security. My work largely consisted of installation of security devices, but it lent a practical understanding of network infrastructure to conceptual learning I had in college. The Sequester prompted my company to lay off a large number of employees, myself included.”

What are your Goals? “I intend, regardless of whether or not I receive this scholarship, to become a network architect. Like the Cisco expertise pyramid so clearly shows, such a goal requires years of experience and training. It requires a strong base of knowledge, which I am currently building. My goals for the next year are to achieve the Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching to form the basis of my internetworking knowledge, the Cisco CCDA to attain fundamentals of building and designing networks, the Cisco CCNA Security to better defend the networks I will be designing and maintaining, and the CompTia A+ to better understand the computer hardware I will be connecting. I expect that I will need to learn Cloud fundamentals at some point but I am saving that for after my base is formed. After completing my foundation, I will pursue experience in the form of a position in a Network Operations Center, which I expect to work in until my certifications require recertifying. I am scheduled to take the CCNA R+S exam in early September, then it''s only a matter of additional study before I will take the CCDA and CCNA Security exams.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I am currently a stay at home dad and it is tougher than I previously imagined to keep a study schedule while chasing a toddler around the house. I need a dedicated learning environment to expedite my acquisition of knowledge. I have funds for textbooks and tests, but not for a classroom and teacher. This scholarship will allow me to progress much more quickly than I would otherwise be allowed, enabling me to sooner begin acquiring the experience necessary to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a network architect.”

Why right candidate? “I took it for granted that I would be able to finish school easily and immediately find my dream job, and because of this I failed. Since then, I have learned that if I want something I must be willing to devote myself completely to earn it. My failures and mistakes have refined me, allowing me to cast off misgivings and indecisiveness for a firm and unwavering quest to achieve my goals. This is what I want and I will do it without this scholarship, but if I am awarded it I will work as hard as I can to show that I am worthy of it. I will earn it.”

July 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2013 Winner
Luz Del Alba Tawiah

Background “Unite Here Health”

What are your Goals? “I would like to further my interest in programming. I've always liked technology, but just never got involved in a professional level. I've proven to myself and others to be a quick learner when it comes to technology advances, software programs, etc. I bleieve I owe it to myself to see if this is indeed my true calling.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will provide me with the opportunity to get a "taste" of an actual technology class from experts, rather than my current learning through random videos on the internet. I've always performed better in a small classroom setting where I can ask questions to further understand concepts, and I believe this would facilitate my decision of joining the tech community or just satisfy my curiosity and move onto other planes.”

Why right candidate?“I have the motivation to learn, just need opportunity and help with the financials to succeed. The recession hit me hard, I have not had a full time job in my original field in over three years, but I have yet to give up on my career and my interest in the field of technology. I have started delving into programming on my own, learning the basics to have a foot on the door and an easier time once I'm able to fully enjoy a professional presentation. This is my time to shine and I need your help to do so. ”

June 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2013 Winner
Marshall Evans

Background “Non-Profit, Opportunity Village”

What are your Goals? “I want to expand my knowledge of the world and everything it has to offer. I feel that entering into the IT field is probably one of the best ways to learn of the current world and become part of the future. I want to create a future for myself and I believe that it'll be through the IT field. I hope to get started by gaining certifications and begin working towards a degree in the IT field. I want a future in this field.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I believe that this scholarship will help by relieving some of the financial difficulties that come with gaining a sophisticated education. I feel that I can learn anything, but everywhere requires a degree or great deal of experience (which is hard to get without a degree). So I plan to begin my career by first getting some of the basic certifications and then hopefully finding a job with a decent income to help afford college courses to advance my education and future career even further. With this scholarship, not only would it help me financially, but it would feel like I'm finally making the right decision about my future. It'll motivate me even further and I hope help me gain a foothold in my future career.”

Why right candidate?“I don't know much about computers. I use my computer every day. I play video games and stream movies. My computer has been my source of entertainment and fun since I was first introduced to the computer. Now, I want to understand the computer. It has shaped my life and now I want to take it further. I want the computer to open the doors to my future. I don't know if I'd be a great candidate for this scholarship. I don't know what would make a great candidate. I know I'll work hard and I'll learn everything. I know I want to make computer's my future. I want to dive get into the IT field and become part of something amazing. Maybe my goals are a bit farfetched but I want to learn. I believe in my future and I believe that this is the best path for me right now.”

May 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
May 2013 Winner
Sitney Bounpraseuth

Background “I joined the United States Air force in 1997. After graduating from the Engineering Apprentice Course, I was assigned to the 89th Civil engineering Squadron at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland. In 2003, I was deployed to Pakistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a Non-commissioned Officer in Charge to provide essential security of host nation nationals during Air Force construction projects. I also served as the Non-commissioned Officer in Charge of Contract Management. After being honorably discharged from the Air Force in 2004, I earned a Bachelor of Science in International Business and a Master in Business Administration from Strayer University in Washington DC. I am currently working as a non-paid Project Management Intern at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC. I am learning the basic of project management from my supervisor who is a PMP. I currently work in the Infrastructure Support Division, as a non-paid Project Management Intern at the Department of Health and Human Services.”

What are your Goals? “I have decided to venture into the Information Technology field and I am committed to learn as much as I can in order to succeed in any future challenges. I am preparing to take the in CompTIA A+, Network +, Project +, and Security + exam to get a general understand of Information Technology. Then I would be able to apply project management theories on IT projects. Along with the CompTIA certifications, I would like to be trained in Microsoft Project Server. I hope to use the experience from the non-paid internship along with the certification as leverage to gain a full time employment with a company that my skill would be useful.”

How will this scholarship help you? “The scholarship would help pay for the training that I cannot afford right now. If I can get a Microsoft Project Server training and certification then I would be more competitive in the job market.”

Why right candidate?“I am committed to make the best of my career change. My non-paid Project Management Intern at the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington DC will last for a year. I receive a small stipend from the Veterans Affairs. As an intern, the Department of Health and Human Services will not pay for any kind of training.”

April 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
April 2013 Winner
D'Alan Ramey

Background “I am from small town Florence, Colorado. My first job was at a restaurant where I believe I learned humility, and the only way to achieve personal goals in life is through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The last three years I have been diligently serving in the United States Army. I believe joining the service was the best decision I have ever made due to the opportunity it has given me to learn and focus on my craft.”

What are your Goals? “Education has always been of the utmost importance to me. I would love to attend a CEH boot camp because the CEH certification would be an excellent verification of my knowledge base. Eventually, I hope to acquire the CISSP as well as the CASP certification. The accomplishment of these goals would ensure that I stay on the right path to success.”

How will this scholarship help you? “As an active duty Soldier, I intend to transition smoothly into the civilian workforce. As is common knowledge, our country's economical status is ever changing, and changing employers in times like these will be a somewhat fearful experience. This scholarship would be a key tool in the facilitation of that process.”

Why right candidate?“I currently hold a few IT certifications: CCENT, Network plus, and Security plus. I am the right candidate because I know what it takes to buckle down and study. I will not just try to receive a minimum passing score in anything I do because I possess the drive and the conviction to excel. I would be forever thankful if I were to become a scholarship recipient, and I appreciate your time for consideration.”

January 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
March 2013 Winner
Franco Henriquez

Background “I started learning about computers at the age of 9 with an old Macintosh which fascinated the colors out of me; how a CD-Rom could be an entire encyclopedia. From then on I taught myself the use of both the Mac and Windows 98 in the coming years. I saved my money to buy computer books being only 12. Around the age of 15 I started freelancing work on PC repairs (mainly free since the passion for computers was greater than my need for money). At the age of 16, I joined Piscataway Votech in NJ to pursue a certification in the field that would help keep me ahead of the game. Due to some school issues and a dramatic panic event I had to leave this school. Later, I joined a small 50 student High School to accommodate for my needs. They heard my story and saw my computer talent and so they provided me with a book to prep myself for the A+. At my Junior year I came to find that my Science teacher was involved in a State-wide competition called SkillsUSA. Which was exactly what I would have joined if I were to stay in Piscataway votech. I asked my principal from SageDay if there was any possibility they could sponsor me. Without hesitation they had entered me into the Computer Systems Technology State competition in SkillsUSA. Although I only won 3rd place - Bronze Medal, I was proud of myself. I had taught myself all I could learn within a limited time. I have my A+ and Net+ and wish to continue to learn.”

What are your Goals? “To continue into networking engineering but not limited to it. I would love to further my skills into programming. I am currently learning web design and web programming and also started prepping two dear friends for the A+ and Net+. One young boy is 11. The other young man is 31. I am planning to turn this into a permanent side job.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me get associated with other great minds out there. It will give me the privilege to be taught by someone other than my self. There's equipment that is far too expensive for I alone to afford. I can only extend my learning so much with limited resources.”

Why right candidate?“I believe I am the right candidate for this scholarship amongst many out there. I am pdriven by my passion for technology. This will not only help me - I hope to become the best role model for my young friend, Joan. I see a lot of the young me, in him. I also believe that I posses a well-founded studying routine. I have taught myself with the use of notes and color pens. PowerPoint presentations. And other ways to virtualize a computer lab.”

January 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
February 2013 Winner
Joe Santiago

Background “I have been unemployed since August 2012 I need to get my MCTS and MCITP certifications to become more marketable. My age has become an issue due to age discrimination and finding a job has gotten harder; I am 52 years old but going on 25. I have over 23 years experience in the IT field. I was almost there from the beginning when the technology took off. Back then no certifications were needed.”

What are your Goals? “I want to continue to grow with the ever changing field and technologies. I am currently studying for my MCTS and my goals are to work on MCITP, CCNA, Security +, Enterprise Wi-Fi Administration (CWNA), Private Cloud, Linux+, Exchange, SQL certifications. It is a lot to do but I am determined.”

How will this scholarship help you? “Right now I lack the finacial resource. This scholarship will give me a way to achieve some these goals. I will have a better chance in finding a job that will secure my future. I first started off by working for a not for profit where I started in the mail room and an opportunity opened up in the IT department I applied for the position of System Operator and was awarded the position on merit. I did on the job training until the position opened up and transferred December of 1990 and that rest is history. The company migrated away from the AS400 to Local Area Network (Novell and Windows NT). I worked with the company for 20 years until I moved to Florida. I could not find a job in the Technology field in Florida because I had no certifications and no college degree. I did different jobs in Florida to survive until I made the decision to head back to New York back in September 2008. And then the Hedge Fund disaster happened I was unemployed all of 2009 but I went to school and got my A+ and when I graduated in April 2010 I was immediately hired the following week as an Infrastructure Engineer. I worked there until August 2012. I worked on my Net + and received it Dec.”

Why right candidate?“I have a ton of professional and life experience and I still have so much more to give and achieve. Life has shown me many pitfalls but I have always recovered persevered. Like the wise man said "A wise man is not born wise, he learns from his experiences and mistakes in life". I live but the credo always dust yourself off and get up again. I want to prove to myself, and it is never to late to learn no matter what age or who you are.”

January 2013 IT Training Scholarship Winner
January 2013 Winner
Charies Brightman

Background “I graduated from high school in 1986, and took some college classes. Since losing my job in 2008, I have worked as a contract worker on and off for employment agencies. I haven't been able to land any permanent jobs due to my lack of education or skills. I am intelligent, funny and eager to learn. I am responsible and take my career change very seriously.”

What are your Goals? “To become A+ certified and obtain a entry level job in the industry. Once I gain some experience, I hope to obtain more certifications.”

How will this scholarship help you? “It will open other doors for me to obtain employment and expand my learning in in the IT industry. This scholarship would help me and my family a great deal in assisting me in my career change.

Why right candidate?“I think I am the right candidate to win this scholarship because I am responsible, mature, eager to learn about this whole new world of IT I am entering into. At my age things are a lot more important and taken more seriously, in regards to my dedication to my classes and studies. If you give me a chance I wont let you down.”

December 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
December 2012 Winner
Catalina Morales

Background “I am a 24 year old single mother, I live in Springfield NJ. I have recently graduated a community College where I received an Associates Degree in Business. I started working in deli’s and restaurants when I was 15. I am very experienced in customer service and enjoy meeting new people and working with others.”

What are your Goals? “I am going to get the A+ and Network+ Certification. After I have completed these exams and become certified I will enroll for the Cisco Certified Networking Associate Certification followed by the Cisco Certified Networking Professional certification. Once I have gained all of these certifications I hope to get a job at which point I will continue my education and finish my bachelors in IT.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me achieve my goals because it will give me the head start I need to set into motion my plan for future success in an IT career. It will also speed up the rate at which I can take the courses and complete the exams.”

Why right candidate? I have always enjoyed working with computers. In my family I am always the one that family members call for help with their computer woes. By winning this scholarship I’ll be able to turn my hobby into the start of a successful and fruitful career. I once inquired at an institute about the A+ and Network+ certification and I was turned down and told that this career was not for women and that it would be too hard for me to do anyway. I am going to prove them wrong, and make myself and my son proud. I can do this with the help of this scholarship.”

November 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
November 2012 Winner
Zainul Somrow

Background “I am a 20 year old sophomore in a technical college majoring in Computer Science and have a CompTIA A+ certification, I have been working in IT for the past two years in financial corporations mainly as a Desktop Support Technician.”

What are your Goals? “My whole basis for this submission is to transition into networking to get a whole new perspective of a different part of the technology sector that I’m not much familiar with. My focus is n networking so that it will help me choose where I want to land as far as career wise goes and also, doing this I will feel confident once I look back 10 years from the future that I made the right choice and that I don’t have to regret my decision.”

How will this scholarship help you? “The scholarship will help me get closer to my goal by taking the burden off financially speaking. It will give me ease of mind and help me progress in the technology field.”

Why right candidate? My Senior year in high school, one month before I was going to graduate, I started my first full time corporate job in Weight Watchers. From there I was determined to gain as much experience as I could while my friends were relaxing and planing vacation in exotic islands. My first semester in college I got another full time job at a investment bank Credit Suisse while taking on 5 different class in school, the reason I’m writing this is to make you understand that I cherish education and love to learn new things and that’s why I’m the right candidate.”

October 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
October 2012 Winner
Valerie Johnson

Background “I have been working in IT for over 20 years, starting off as a data entry operator, Mainframe application support, IT Process Engineer to most recently a Business Analyst. With being unemployed for over 2 years and just now getting a job.”

What are your Goals? “I was told that if I learn Business Intelligent and SQL query I will do fine. I thought about SAP but it may be out of my league. The project that I am on will be implementing a Geo Spatial application with an Oracle or SQL database. Currently since the project has not gotten fully funded I am performing work as a project coordinator (short for admin) and I need to get my foot in the door when the new application comes on board. I need help, I’m tired of not working and I know that if I get the chance to update my skills, I will be more marketable.”

How will this scholarship help you? “By positioning me for employment opportunities, that will utilize and enhance my skill set.”

Why right candidate? “Because, I don’t have a choice. If I don’t update my skill set I will be out of work and on the welfare line. I have become outdated, and need to update my skills in the areas of BI and Oracle.”

September 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
September 2012 Winner
Monica Baxter

Background  •  Contractor Network Administrator for Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization

“Worked for a large government contracting company where I was a ‘jack of all trades, master of nothing’ because it was the good ol’ boys network so I was just shuffled around, but it was employment. I have tried for the past 10 years to focus in IT and Security to have some sort of career path. During this time, I went to school at night while being a single mother for my BS in Computer Networking. Lost my job after 17 yrs due to car accident that left me with permanent neck disability and no financial compensation and a fat COBRA payment to afford my continued medical requirements.”

What are your Goals? “I want to be good at Information System Security and Network Security/Administration. My goals are to obtain my A+, Network +, Security + and Ethical Hacking certifications, and when brave enough want to take the SSCP certification exam. I’m in process of trying to finish my Masters for Information System Security one class at a time which makes for a long process.”

How will this scholarship help you? “Well, the job that I just started requires the Security + certification by December 2012 in order for me to keep my employment. My employment will help me keep my home and get back on my feet financially to keep my clearance which will allow me to gain more work experience and continue with working on my other certifications because my employment puts money in the bank and pays the existing loans.”

Why right candidate? “To be honest, I am not sure how to answer this question. I am one of many, I’m sure, who have needs and desires. However, being unemployed and facing losing everything is very humbling. It is a blessing that I was placed by the Agency but they don’t offer any sort of financial assistance. I am grateful for any opportunity to help better my situation and gain some respect from other people in this field who have more experience than I do. Every employer wants a certification and I have none because I simply can’t afford them. I need to get my foot in the certification door which will expand job opportunities and salary. My employment also helps me to help my family that I provide for.”

August 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2012 Winner
Jennifer Won

Background  •  Part Time Graphic Designer

“After trying to send myself to school at Pratt Institute on $8/hr then failing to afford a 40g/yr school + any and all living expenses. I had to take a different route where college wasn’t an option because I just wasn’t financially equipped and living a life without design isn’t something I want. So, I spent 10 days, with little sleep, to master Photoshop. Got an internship and some assignments as a photo retoucher where I was able to work with companies like Cosmopolitan Magazine, Timothy Oulton, Martha Stewart, etc. Only problem is, because of my background employers only like to pay me on an intern level.”

What are your Goals? “I would LOVE to learn inDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Coding, Programming and get better at Illustrator, but even just learning one of these skills really will make a huge difference for me.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me gain the skills to get employed and stay in the design field. After learning all the skills above one day I want to create a website like Kickstarter, but for college students, like I was formerly where we don’t have the financial means to go to the school of our dreams but the site helps connect people that need it.”

Why right candidate? “I believe I am an example of being someone in financial need but more than that I am somebody who really wants to learn. I am somebody who is usually a very fast learner and really works hard at mastering and improving their skills. When I want to learn or do something I completely engross myself into it where mastering that is all I think about. With this scholarship, you will be giving it somebody who already has self taught herself the advanced techniques in Photoshop and was able to work with top industry companies. I can credit some of that to my low rate to get myself out there but I really need to keep this momentum to go farther with quality authorized training.”

July 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2012 Winner
Samantha Oliveri

Background  •  Box Office Manager, The Mob Museum, Las Vegas, NV

What are your Goals? “Both of my parents work at hospitals in the IT field. They were disappointed I didn’t take to computers right away. I have worked in several casino box offices, a ticket broker company and now The Mob Museum in my ten year career span. I have experience in database and the infamous green screen as well. I intend to learn anything and everything I can, for as long as I can. I would focus the scholarship funds given in programming and database related coursework to gain further understanding in those two areas. With this information, I would further assist my company in technological and system advances that would help make our world class museum the new Las Vegas hotspot for locals and tourists – and teach them something!”

How will this scholarship help you? “I pride myself in learning new things and means of accomplishing goals for my company as well as personally. This would only strengthen my abilities and help our first year company become more than we envisioned as we take a modern themed museum and add to it further modernized technological exhibits and means of communication with our guests and clients – and exceeding their expectations while making the material more exciting and fun to learn.”

Why right candidate? “I have always been a do-it-yourself person, a problem solver, someone who enjoys coaching and teaching others, and at the very heart of me a woman who loves to learn and absorb anything I can get my hands on. I am very open-minded and eager to learn. I would love to be able to take these classes and invest more in The Mob Museum – a company that opened this February, and invested in me as a manager.”

June 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2012 Winner
Janice Hamilton

Background  •  New York Presbyterian Hospital
 •  Over 7 years in IT. Technical Support and Network Administration in Windows Server.

What are your Goals? “To improve and upgrade my skills in order to keep pace with the changing technological trends in the IT industry. The main technologies I want to master and get certified in are: VMware vSphere, Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SCCM. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “The Sarder Scholarship will help me be a better skilled IT person who is equipped to meet the demands of businesses. I will be better equipped, more knowledgeable and have the necessary skills to function as an IT Systems Administrator and have sharper technical support analyst skills to solve problems i.e. (Systems, Networking, Application, Virtualization) . . .”

Why right candidate? “I am in the IT field already, but only at a certain level. I have a strong drive, and want to learn the new technologies to upgrade my skills in the field. I have existing skills that are getting stale and need to advance my career by learning the newer technologies in the field to stay competitive in the job market . . .”

May 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
May 2012 Winner
Phillip Oquendo, Jr

Background  •  NY Institute of Technology, Majored in Business Administration

What are your Goals? “In high school I played Lacrosse which earned me a scholarship at New York Institute of Technology. I majored in Business Administration and completed two years, but had to withdraw from school because I could not afford the tuition after sustaining a Lacrosse related injury. I express a strong interest in learning all aspects of the CISCO system such as, CCNA and CCNT. Right now I’m learning from the ground up but truly want to reach beyond the ceiling. Whatever new programs come up I want to know how they start and how they work so that I can learn and incorporate my knowledge and ambition as an asset . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “My goals will be achieved by this scholarship because it will put me in a position to assist myself with being able and knowledgeable in this industry. I have plenty of ideas that i really want to share with the tech world because I know and understand that the tech world is the cornerstone of everyday life . . .”

Why right candidate? “Some things can be taught and some, you have to be born with. I know I am the right person for this scholarship because I have a rare drive to succeed and persevere. I also will be a story of great reflection on Sarder as an example of a person given an opportunity that succeeded beyond planned or expected. I am one with the desire to earn his and represent those who helped or was on the journey with me . . .”

April 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
April 2012 Winner
JiaKai Chen

Background  •  Student, Baruch College

What are your Goals? “I had an opportunity for an unpaid internship at Bank Street Head Start in January 2012. One of the requirements for the internship was that the intern should have computer skills. I knew at that time I was not very good at it but I was willing to learn. They were interested in my willingness to learn and they showed me how to do online research and work with Microsoft Office. This experience taught me the need to further develop my computer skills. When I heard about this scholarship, I was very excited. This scholarship will actually give me the opportunity to gain more computer skills. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me gain the necessary computer skills that are needed in this technological world. This will help me gain confidence in my computer skills. It will provide me with the opportunity to explore the field in computer science.

Why right candidate? “I feel I am the perfect candidate for this scholarship because I am a very motivated individual. I am considering the field of actuarial science and this opportunity will really help me to pursue the career in actuarial science.”

March 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
March 2012 Winner
Jodi Young

Background  •  Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering Technology Master in Information Systems(Ongoing)

What are your Goals? “My professional goal is to be a Certified Security Specialist. I want to be able to contribute to and help alleviate cybercrime as I now am aware of its present and upcoming threat to each and every one of us using the internet on a daily basis. My goal is to start as a network administrator so that I will be able to learn the internal core of a company and be able to help them improve their systems to be more efficient. From there on, I’d like to go up the chain until I’m the Chief Certified Security Specialist, working with a team of certified security personals. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “To enter the IT world you have to show that you are competent. To show that you are competent it is imperative that you have certifications. This scholarship will help me to obtain the certifications I need to show that I am competent in the IT field. With this scholarship I will be able to afford and complete the training courses I need to earn my A+ and Network+ Certifications so that I will be able to move in the direction of my career goal to become a Certified Security Specialist. Not only will this scholarship grant me the opportunity to improve my IT skills, it will also put me on a trajectory of self and professional improvement that will enable me to enter the workforce well equipped with the knowledge and technical savvy that is needed to flourish in today’s economy.”

Why right candidate? “I am the right candidate for this position because I am a dedicated professional seeking to improve my IT skills so that I may be better able to contribute to the workforce. Also by granting me this opportunity, I guarantee that I will follow through with all the hard work it will take to achieve my goal to obtain my certifications. I believe in myself and I believe that with this scholarship I will be given the foundation to enable me to become a skilled Certified Security Specialist.”

February 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
February 2012 Winner
Anthony Peralta

Background  •  Theodore Roosevelt High School, 2006: Graphic Arts and Technology. As of right now I am working for Best Buy in the Geek Squad Department which is almost what the Genius Bar is to the apple store. I have been working here for about a week or so, and I truly love this job because I am surrounded by broken Computers and other hardware which always gives me something to do. I also have the privilege to be updated on new Software, Hardware and Gadgets and I am constantly learning in this type of environment.

What are your Goals? “I want to attend the Netcom Learning school to acquire my A+ Certification, I believe this is a standard requirement for an individual like myself who would desire an entry level position in the IT Field. From here on I would like to advance to a corporate company such as Google, Cisco, IBM, or Microsoft. I desire nothing else but to pursue my dream in working in IT and Netcom Learning is my first step, and I know that attending such a prestigious school will make me more recognizable to future employers. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “It would give me the possibility to attend the classes at Netcom Learning since I can not afford to pay the tuition. I want to be given the opportunity to prove that this is not only a hobby of mine, and aside from the financial aspect as far as getting a better job to make more money for a better living, I have a strong passion and so much love for IT. I would like to be given the opportunity to show and expand what I know now and keep improving for a better future. I know for a fact that having Netcom Learning as a credential I will be on the right path on achieving success in my professional field beyond my imagination. I am confident that by awarding me this scholarship I will be able to fulfill one of my dreams and I will take with me the name of ‘NetCom Learning’, and be a successful reflection of the institution and the professors that will help along the way.”

January 2012 IT Training Scholarship Winner
January 2012 Winner
Andury Fiol

Background  •  Bachelor degree in Engineer of Electronics and Computers Sciences, Cuba.
 • Computer teacher in a center of teaching of Computers and Electronic Science for 13 years.
 • College teacher in computer architecture and programming.
 • Teacher in Computer and Electronic, Remedios, Cuba

What are your Goals? “Ever since I came to America in 2007, my dream has always been to return to the technology professional field. I have applied in many places but all require certifications, which would endorse my knowledge. Unfortunately I have not qualified for these jobs because I have no CompTIA or Microsoft certifications. At the same time I had to support my family so I took other jobs not related to my work experience. Regardless, I have the firm commitment to get these certifications and to contribute positively to this country with my experience and knowledge. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will enable me to return to the IT field where I am highly productive, re-enter the field in which I have extensive experience, which will result in a more active social contribution. Working in a place where I can not display all my knowledge, I feel a deep state of frustration. This scholarship will be a positive first step in America for me and positively increase the living conditions of my family and those around me.”

December 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
December 2011 Winner
Cheryl Ferguson

Background  • Desktop Support Technician for 15 years

What are your Goals? “I want to reenter the job force as a multifaceted technician. I want to continue learning web design and mobile application development so that I can start my own company and venture into the non-profit arena and teach the disadvantaged. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “The courses offered by the Department of Employment Services are general skills courses, and I need more advanced classes. I also have not been able to purchase any new materials to learn the new skills desired.”

November 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
November 2011 Winner
James Gibbons

Background  • CompTIA A+ Certified

What are your Goals? “My professional goal is to become a Security Specialist. I have discovered the world of Network Security and I am enthralled by it. I want to learn everything there is to know about securing a network and plan to continue obtaining certifications, however I have learned that in order to even take some Security exams, I must enroll in training classes first. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me achieve my career objective because I will use it to enroll in CISSP classes. My goal is to become an Information Security Specialist, and I feel that the CISSP is the key certification for security professionals. If I was able to take this 48 hour course it would mean everything to my career.”

October 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
October 2011 Winner
Tonie Cox

Background  • Industrial Design with an emphasis in furniture and decorative accessories.

What are your Goals? “My goal is to practice landscape architecture at a civic scale, designing public spaces like parks, plazas, etc. I am currently working part-time for the City of San Francisco in the Recreation and Park Department; we renovate public spaces. . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “Ultimately I would like to use technology to create mixed-media renderings (CG architectural models) that utilize AutoCAD for drafting and landscape design, hand rendering for color and planting design, and Photoshop for lighting effects and text. This technique seems to be the future of landscape architecture rendering. Very few people have mastered this technique, but it is an excellent marriage of technology and art. I believe that having this skill would give me a competitive advantage in this difficult economic climate. I feel that your course would give me the AutoCAD skills that I need.”

September 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
September 2011 Winner
Kimberly Noh

Background  • Bookkeeping Company owner for 16 years

What are your Goals? “For the past 16 years I have been the owner of a Bookkeeping Company in Brandon Florida. I have been providing Small and Midsize companies full charge bookkeeping services. I am a Certified ProAdvisor with QuickBooks have been since 2005. Due to the recession my business has had to close its doors. I want to offer Small Businesses the opportunity to outsource all of their back office needs to me. If I was more skilled in the Microsoft product line I would be able to offer more to my clients. I would like to be able to provide a business in a box as I call it. I want to be able to connect all the pieces of the puzzle for the small business allowing them the time to do what they do best, while leaving the rest to me . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “You can look in the yellow pages and you will find more than 100 QuickBooks Proadvisors. However, what you do not find is an all inclusive back office support system. This Scholarship will help be achieve my career objective by freeing up the financial burden that I would have while obtaining my certification, and be able to provide this experience for the small business.I want to prove to myself that I can set goals and meet them. Without this scholarship my goal and dream will not become a reality.”

August 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2011 Winner
Nathan Hoar

Background  • BA in Psychology from the University of Connecticut  • ABA Therapist since May 2009

What are your Goals? “I would like to begin a transition to a career in the IT field by the end of the current local school year. I know that I will start in an entry level position but with the right training and certifications I will be able to progress through the ranks . Given that I am interested in the development and implementation of computer networks, the A+ and Network+ certifications would be a great place to start . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship would allow me to pay for the training that NetCom offers and to gain valuable certifications that would pave the way for a fulfilling career in Information Technology.”

July 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2011 Winner
Sereta Scott

Background  • Recent CUNY College Graduate in Computer Systems

What are your Goals? “My goal is start as a network administrator and move up the chain to become a Chief Information Officer. My interest is mainly information/cyber security. I would like to be part of a great team to help combat the cyber crime our country is currently facing . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “This Scholarship will help me get the training I need to broaden my networking skill set, and the ability to manage and secure network systems.”

June 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2011 Winner
Thomas Cheng

Background  • 10 years in IT industry  • BBA in Computer Information Systems  • Microsoft Windows Specialist

What are your Goals? “I want to become an expert in virtualization, cloud computing, and mobile technology. I firmly believe virtualization and cloud computing not only help with the profit margin of many businesses, but also the environment as a whole as existing resources will be utilized more wisely and thus less power will be consumed . . .”

How will this scholarship help you? “With this scholarship, I will be able to learn from the experts at NetCom. It is imperative that I acquire the necessary skills and accurate knowledge from a vendor certified institution so that I can provide the right information to others as I help implement the proper technical solutions that suit them best.”

May 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
May 2011 Winner
Jamie Smith

Background  • 13 years in computer industry  • Associate’s Degree in Computer Systems  • CompTIA & Microsoft Certifications

What are your Goals? “My professional goals are to achieve an MCITP in Windows 2008 Server Enterprise Administrator within the next two years. I would also like to expand my knowledge base in the next 6 months to include IOS programming, and in the next year to include basic Cisco networking.”

How will this scholarship help you? “Programming has always been my passion and my dream. If I were to win this scholarship then I would be able to purchase the IOS training I desire and start developing my own applications to fulfill my dream of programming, and make a better life for my family as well.”

April 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
April 2011 Winner
Heather Eakin

Background  • Bachelor’s in Computer Science from MSU 2007  • Currently a Web Application Developer for State of Michigan

What are your Goals? “Mobile application development is very popular and still gaining momentum. It gives companies an excellent way to reach out to their customers and make their business easier to access. I would love to enhance my career by learning this technology!”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship would give me the ability to take the Mobile Application Development training and really get a good start on how to develop mobile applications.”

March 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
March 2011 Winner
David Myslinski

Background  • Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts/Graphic Design  • Print Designer for 20 years

What are your Goals? “I want to transition from traditional print design to web design and interactive media. I’ve achieved director/manager status but require the continuing education to stay current and keep my skills relevant.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will allow me to afford the professional training and direction to transition from being primarily a print designer, so I can communicate better with my more experienced peers and allow my passion and expertise in print design to find new life on the web.”

February 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
February 2011 Winner
Kirk Kanter

Background  • 10 years Help Desk Technician

What are your Goals? “I plan to study more with IT security so that I can advance within my company. Once I am certified, I would be able to prove to management that I am serious about advancing my position and education.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I work for a non-profit organization and they do not have any type of tuition assistance program available for continued studies. Since this place is also a church they are exempt from unemployment, so if I ever lost my job the additional education would help maintain my employability.”

January 2011 IT Training Scholarship Winner
January 2011 Winner
Ana Manrique

Background  • BFA in Communication Design from Parsons School of Design  • Art Director

What are your Goals? “My goal is always been to be a bridge between Design and Implementation. My favorite aspect of design is the brainstorming session, because I can come up with concepts pretty quickly. Now, I would like to make them come to life, not only have them sit motionless on a piece of paper or screen.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I’m a mother to a 19-month old son. I would like him to grow up to see that you can achieve anything if you put your heart and soul to it; even if it is financially hard, logistically impossible, if you put your mind to something, it will come true. Getting this scholarship will bring my dream closer and help teach my son this valuable lesson at the same time.”

December 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
December 2010 Winner
Melissa Manheim

Background  • Graduated Columbia University in Art History  • Finance Trainer on Wall Street, the Phillipines, and Italy  • Office manager for South Korean Embassy  • Certified in Windows 2000 & Office 2003

What are your Goals? “I will enter the private sector in the USA if I can bring my office skills up to date by learning Windows 7 and Office 2007. I need to be re-integrated into the US workforce and its highly professional and competitive environment.”

How will this scholarship help you? “Without unemployment or UN pension, the scholarship would help me bridge the gap to become an active and contributing member of the US workforce – not someone on the sidelines looking in. Having worked in six countries in both the private and public sectors – including volunteer international work to alleviate infant mortality rates – my experience, adaptability and ability to work in a global environment must be complemented with the necessary office and tech skills to be most efficient and effective for the company.”

November 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
November 2010 Winner
Gene Perry

Background  • 11 years as an IT Professional  • Game Tester for EA and Dreamworks  • Microsoft SharePoint Developer  • Enterprise Technical Support Analyst

What are your Goals? “I plan to go out for my SharePoint Config certification. While I have a deep set of experience in SharePoint 2003 and MOSS, I am looking to challenge myself and expand my earnability. I look forward to learning more about SharePoint 2010!”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me to do what I love to do – work as an Administrator and Support Analyst for enterprise level users! Having the opportunity to get a little help while being the sole provider in my family would a great asset, as we have endured tremendous financial burden here in the Inland Empire. Currently we are hoping to hang on to the house our children were born in and to remain in our close community of friends and family. This scholarship would mean I get the opportunity to learn from home, instead of having to drive to LA or San Diego which are 90 minutes in either direction. This means I spend more time learning instead of commuting to and from work. I sincerely appreciate this opportunity.”

October 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
October 2010 Winner
Lourdes Insfran

Background  • Consultant at ESL School for international students.

What are your Goals? “My immediate goals are to earn my Bachelors in IT and get Cisco certified so I can achieve a job in networking.”

How will this scholarship help you? “The Sarder Scholarship is exactly what I need to begin my IT career! It would be a major help since I can’t afford school or the certification training I need to pass the Cisco exams.”

September 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
September 2010 Winner
Matt Boschen

Background  • BS Mathematics  • Former Pilot at Airnet Systems Inc.  • Solar Installations at Sunlight Solar

What are your Goals? “I have a background in engineering and mathematics and I’d like to put these skills to use designing renewable energy systems, including Solar PV, small Wind, solar thermal, etc. I want to open my own business – do the sales, design, and management while allowing others with more electrical experience to do the actual wiring, etc.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I have come to the conclusion that the best way of doing such is with AutoCAD. The professional drawings and analyses that I understand can be achieved with AutoCAD catch the customer’s eye, and go a step above just a list of system costs. Having a picture of what the system will look like will really improve the percentage of customers that are ‘just looking’ to those ‘going to purchase.’ ”

August 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2010 Winner
Manuel Rodriguez

Background  • Senior PC Analyst  • Real Estate Broker  • Sergeant US Marine Corps

What are your Goals? “I am a career changer coming from the Real Estate Sales field. I intend to start a successful career in Information technology by combining a solid educational and hands on certified background.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me get over a major hurdle in my IT career path. I am on track to have my Associates in Applied Science in Information Technology this December. However, I need the A+ certification to be competitive in the job market. Unfortunately, I cannot currently afford this expense.”

July 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2010 Winner
Joseph Muselevichus

Background  • NY Institute of Technology  • Technician, Hazeltine Corporation  • Desktop and Server Engineer

What are your Goals? “First and foremost my goal is to return to the IT world! I spent a good number of years in the Windows/Novell area but my years in the Cablevision iO lab where I worked on everything from Digital transmission equipment, Video on Demand to Solaris, HP-UX, Checkpoint, Oracle SQL server, and best of all Cisco 7500 series uBRs were the best years of my career.”

How will this scholarship help you? “Every goal requires a first step. The first step requires the finances to get going. I am selling some things to help take some of the steps. This scholarship would be the deposit on the rest of my life, should I be fortunate enough to win.”

June 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2010 Winner
Mark Mitchell

Background  • BA Art SUNY Potsdam  • MS Are Education SUNY New Paltz  • Art Teacher, Nanuet Senior HS

What are your Goals? “As an Art Teacher for 25 years, I would like to stay current with 21st Century Technologies, so I am better equipped to prepare my students for the world of graphics outside the high school environment. -I need to learn Adobe CS4 Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and Flash so I can teach it to my Digital Photography and Computer Graphics Students.”

How will this scholarship help you? “As a Father of 3 pre-schoolers it is impossible for me to afford this education currently. I will be teaching Digital Photography (Photoshop) and helping with the yearbook (In Design) in the fall, so I need a solid background in these programs. . I am prepared to teach myself as best I can, but a scholarship such as this would be like winning the lottery for me (and my students!)”

April 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
April 2010 Winner
Christopher Leetom

Background  • BS in Computer Science from St Johns U  • 20+ years Software Development

What are your Goals? “I want to learn the .NET framework, C# and ADO.NET so I can begin developing Windows and Web Apps for .NET. I also plan to earn an MCTS certification in Visual Studio and eventually an MCPD certification.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will bring me closer to achieving my certification and obtaining employment.”

March 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
March 2010 Winner
Christina Smith

Background  • BA in Economics  • Certificate in Bookkeeping

What are your Goals? “My goal is to move into a creative profession that will allow me to help rebuild the town where I grew up, which has been suffering economically for several decades.”

How will this scholarship help you? “One of the things I would like to do for [my town] is to rebuild the city’s website to help us secure funds from potential investors. Currently, many of the links are broken or point to dated info. The aging theatres downtown have been closed for over 20 years and my hope is to do fundraising through website and social media. The scholarship will help me achieve my goal by giving me the skills to rebuild the website for my hometown as well as the ability to build a website that I can use to fundraise for the restoration of the theater. This is a cause after my heart and I believe that with the proper tools I could really make a difference.”

February 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
February 2010 Winner
Craig Kettman

Background  • AS in Electronics Engineering  • 10 years Java programming experience

What are your Goals? “My professional goals are to create a more well-rounded skills portfolio by obtaining certification in development languages other than Java.”

How will this scholarship help you? “I am currently an experienced Java developer and I would like to broaden my skills to the Microsoft .Net development environment. This scholarship would provide the funding I need to get the latest .Net skills and certifications.”

January 2010 IT Training Scholarship Winner
January 2010 Winner
Morgan Reed

Background  • Computer repair  • Home and small business networking  •  Several years in technical documentation

What are your Goals? “I’m interested in all aspects of networking, and would very much like to get involved in the Cisco side of things. I’m ultimately interested in work as a true network administrator, perhaps at a level up to CCIE. I would like to be certified in various aspects of networking, MS products, and find a better-paying job at first as an apprentice and then eventually a full-fledged networking expert.”

How will this scholarship help you? “The reason I’m applying for this scholarship is simple, I would like to learn all that a CCNA bootcamp has to offer but don’t think I can afford the entire expense on my own, as the bootcamp is approximately two months of my current gross income.”

December 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
December 2009 Winner
Zach Holmes

Background Former touring musician/aspiring digital artist and web designer.

What are your Goals? “To advance my design and coding skills, in order to gain employ with a creative marketing agency.”

How will this scholarship help you? “As a father of 2, with a working wife, this scholarship would simply make it possible. In our current careers, in the current economic climate, my wife and I work 6 day weeks to keep our family healthy, happy and safe. We work alternating shifts so a parent can be with them always.

I have been searching for the time and money to further my education, and found this to be a stumbling block unlike any other I’ve encountered. This scholarship will give me access to the time and knowledge I need to attain my career goals.”

Nov 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
November 2009 Winner
Camille Craver

Background  • 3 to 4 yrs entry level telecom and network experience.  • 15 years of customer service experience including escalation support, dispatching, and 2nd level telephone trouble ticketing support .  • Microsoft Office Professional certificate  • 1.5 years of college courses

How will this scholarship help you? “My professional goal is to obtain a career as a Data Repair Tech, Voice Provisioner, Switch Tech, Project Manager or Noc Engineer. I have been repeatedly passed up for lack of technical experience and certifications. I feel I would be hired immediately with the addition of the right certifications to my current skill set.”

Oct 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
October 2009 Winner
Keith Peterson

Background “I attended some college post military, but was not able to finish at that time due to family obligations. I did complete several certification courses and am anxious to pursue more certifications to increase my earning potential.”

How will this scholarship help you? “As a married father of 3, money for continuing education is hard to come by. I would definitely be able to improve my skill set, gain more certifications, and become more marketable.”

Sept 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
September 2009 Winner
Thang Tran

Background  • B.S. in Computer Information Systems & B.S. in Business Management @ New Jersey Institute of Technology  •  Oracle 10g OCP Certification.  • Five years of experience in the IT industry.  • Four years of experience as an Oracle Database Administrator  • Two and a half year of experience with production support.  • Experience with Oracle 9i, 10g Administration, Security, Installation, Database Backup and Recovery, Data Imports/Exports, Performance Tuning, SQL Tuning, RAC, RMAN, OEM, Grid Control, Windows batch scripting, Unix Shell scripting.  • Worked for a financial services software firm for four years.  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Highly motivated with strong commitment to quality and customer service.

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will help me enhance my Oracle education, hone and craft my skills to become a master DBA for Oracle database.”

August 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2009 Winner
Algenys Tejeda

Background Graduate of Aviation High School June of 2008. This School is focused on providing the best technical knowledge needed to build a career as an Aviation Maintenance Technician. “I was named to the PEGASUS Honor Society based on strong performance in all of my shop classes. Upon graduation I was qualified and certified in every aspect of Aviation Maintenance along with my High School Diploma. These certifications enabled me to be considered at major employers such as Boeing, Con Edison, Rolls Royce, MTA, Air bus and many others. These certifications and experiences also led to my strong interest in the field of IT.”

How will this scholarship help you? “This scholarship will provide me with the final puzzle piece – the financial help to obtain my IT certifications and achieve my goals. This Scholarship will provide me the means to continue with my technical career. Thank you for the consideration.”

July 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2009 Winner
Mike Nieves

Background  • A+ Certified  • IT Security & Computer Construction Experienced

How will this scholarship help you? “Computers are my passion and I would love to build an IT career that allows me to work with computers more often. My professional goal is to get the education I need in order to find a job where I can grow. This scholarship will help me expand my knowledge, confidence and allow me to acquire the necessary education in order to further my training and start my career in the IT field.”

June 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2009 Winner
Janmattie Devi Singh

Background  • BA in English from queens college  • High School teacher  • Pursuing BS at York College (4.0 GPA)

How will this scholarship help you? I enjoy learning. My grandmother always tells me that education is the key to a successful life. After finishing my BA at York College, I started teaching in High School. I found this job very rewarding but I also wanted to expand my professional development and skills. My Career goal is to become an Information Systems Manager. I know that getting certified is an important first step to realizing this goal. Unfortunately I cannot afford to take all the required classes. With the Sarder Scholarship I will finally be able to start my journey to a successful career in IT.

May 2009 IT Training Scholarship Winner
May 2009 Winner
Caroline Christie

Background  • Masters degree in Zoology from Wits University Johannesburg, South Africa  • A+ Net+ Microsoft Expert in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project CIW Certified Internet Webmaster

How will this scholarship help you? I need to upgrade my web development skills to stay current in my field. I am eyeing the 7 day Website Development Professional course, though I would need the scholarship to fund the training. I teach in a High School for gifted boys. We award them Scholarships, based on ability. This allows gifted boys of limited means to get a top education as we are a highly regarded school. I teach computers to the boys and I also support the staff with their software needs. The Freshmen learn hardware, software, networking and web design. At the end of the semester they are required to create a website. In Sophomore year they learn Excel, PowerPoint and Access. They are then required to do a full live presentation, create a database and solve complex problems using Excel. Senior year I teach them Java programming and advanced web design. Winning this scholarship will help me to keep up to date in the IT field and never lose my edge.

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