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Sarder Scholarship Recipients

The monthly Sarder Scholarship is open to driven individuals from any background or experience level. See the eligibility requirements.

August 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
August 2014
Candace Robinson

Background "I have been a computer enthusiast since Apple released the iMac Flavours and AOL mail was revolutionizing how people communicate. For years I pursued money instead of just following my heart and releasing my inner computer geek for the world to see. I have always been fascinated at what it takes to build a computer and also what it takes to maintain a network as well as securing that network. I am 26 years old currently and employed at a law firm as a client service representative. This fall I am entering into my second semester at the Community College of Philadelphia pursuing an associate degree in business. I am an extremely driven young woman and am eager to begin my career in IT. "

What are your Goals? "My learning goals are to first to become Strata IT certified which will lay the groundwork and make me more knowledgeable about the basics of a computer. I am currently studying for that exam and hope to receive that certification no later than November. After this I will pursue the A+, Net+, and Sec+ certifications to obtain an entry-level position. After that I will pursue the Cisco CCNET certification and possibly the CCNA after that. I have a strong interest in networking and can''t wait until I can obtain these certifications and put my skills into practice. "

How will this scholarship help you? " This scholarship will be tremendous in helping me achieve my goals! The scholarship will aid me greatly as I pursue my certifications to make me marketable as an IT professional. It would take me a great deal of time to save up to take a boot camp course or the alternative courses offered by Netcomlearning. However, the financial difficulty I would encounter would not stop me from beginning my journey to becoming an IT professional. I have made up my mind to pursue these certifications and will not stop until I receive them. I am proactive enough to buy a few a CompTia study guides and possibly do okay on the exams but I don''t want to just do okay on the exams I want to exceed my own expectations. I believe that I can do that by receiving training from an experienced IT professional at Netcom that has industry experience will make the chances of my success even greater. "

Why right candidate? " I sincerely believe I am the right candidate for the Sarder Scholarship because I am passionate about learning information technology and becoming knowledgeable as much as I possibly can about the various fields and opportunities I can pursue after I attain certifications. After I receive these certifications the possibilities for what I can do in the IT field will be endless. The certifications I earn will not only change my life but the people that I know and encounter. I hope to start a non-profit organization for the elderly and teenagers who want to learn the basics about computers or who need help in pursuing their own career in IT. This scholarship is the key needed to give me access to my dreams of accomplishing my pursuit of earning certifications and helping others achieve their dreams in IT as well. "

July 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
July 2014 Winner
Shawn Robb

Background " I started off working with technology in 1996 while in high school as a junior with Turbo Pascal and creating an application with a database to store all the school sports records in. Eventually, I went on to college for a physics degree but stopped about halfway through and changed to computer science. I graduated college in 2002 with the computer science degree. I could not find a job in my college town so I started working on a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies. I eventually landed a job in QA testing software. I have been testing software for a little over 10 years now. I am rusty with my computer science skills but I am very good with database skills. I would like to advance my database skills."

What are your Goals? " MCSA - SQL Server 2012 MCSE - Business Intelligence MCSE - Data Platform "

How will this scholarship help you? " My ultimate goal is to work with our Certified Microsoft Master SQL Server. I really just love SQL Server and what to get more into it. I am hoping these certifications will prove to people that I know my stuff. Also, I want to learn with these classes and not just some brain dump. Nothing is worse than someone who has a certification but crammed for it and really doesn???t know anything."

Why right candidate? " I am hard working. I am very analytical. I really love SQL Server and want to learn. This is something that would mean the world to me at the moment."

June 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
June 2014 Winner
Vincent Rockett

Background "I am a recent graduate of Mississippi State University with a BS in Information Technology. Upon graduation I moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to work for Windstream Communications. My position there was a Network Engineer. While I enjoy software development engineering more, it was a great starting opportunity in the field of IT. After working there for about 8 months my contract ended due to budget cuts within the organization. I am looking to pursue a career in software development engineering. I am eager and hungry to learn about the new and innovative technology that is shaping our world. Due to my lack of professional experience and location I am currently at a halt and am looking for ways to expand my opportunities and enhance my skills and knowledge in IT/Engineering. There are not many opportunities in the region that I am in for the IT field and I am willing to travel/relocate to embark on new opportunities that are available. I feel that I am wasting away my skills if I am sitting around waiting for the right opportunity to fall in my lap, so I am taking responsibility to develop a strong foundation. I am motivated and can be placed in any environment and excel. If you would, please consider me for this scholarship opportunity so that I will be able to afford quality training to enhance my skill set and take a dive into my passion. While I am a first generation college student, I do have a strong desire to be all that I can be and learn with a strong drive."

What are your Goals? "My learning goals are to learn as much about software engineering as possible. As I was discussing with the Rep from NetCom, I want to be able to give employers what they are asking for. I want to have a full stack coding experience that will allow me to explore new opportunities and be competitive. I want to maintain a continuing education mindset because the technical work is always growing and improving. As I improve my skills, I want to be able to teach them to others that want to learn them also. I want to know software engineering and it''s best practices so well that I become a SME. I want to be the go to guy that knows the answer that someone is looking for. And I know that to be able to do that I will have to stay up to date with new material. Since I am fresh in the workforce, I want to get a great start in learning while other skills that may assist in the learning process of software development are still fresh on the mind. I asked the Rep about the programming language that is growing the fastest and which do he think will be a great start to be certified in. From our brief discussion Java is the top language today. I want to learn all of them if time allows. However, at the moment funds are a huge factor."

How will this scholarship help you? " The Sarder Scholarship will help me achieve my goals by taking the financial burden off of my learning potential. It is no secret that money hinders learning in some ways. I would love to have the best world class education available, however money is one of the barriers that stands in the way. While this scholarship would play a huge part in funding my training, I do know that my drive to learn also plays an important role. The Sarder Scholarship creates the opportunity for me to not have to worry about my funds while learning, which has been something I have done a lot in the past."

Why right candidate? " I can''t say that I am THE right candidate to win this scholarship because there may be someone out there who''s situation is worse than mine and needs assistance as well. I can say that I am among the candidates that should be highly considered because I have a passion for technology/engineering because it creates new opportunities and gives a tremendous benefit to the entire world. I am self motivated to learn and driven about innovation to improve the quality of life in every aspect. This scholarship will help me take that huge step in advancing my skills and meeting new people with similar goals."

April 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
April 2014 Winner
Brian Witt

Background "For the last 18 years or so, I''ve been in the graphic design world, but over the last couple of years, I''ve seen both salaries and my interest in the field decline. I''ve always been one of the "tech guys" wherever I''ve worked over the years, so to focus on that has been a natural progression. I''ve been involved with computers from a very young age - my father was programming databases before I was even born - so you really can say it''s in my blood. I was building and modifying computers as a teenager and I still tinker and play and tweak as much as I can. I''m starting to think it''s more of where I should have focused my energies years ago. I''ve been building my skills through a combination of learning at NetCom and through books and online resources. Once I get additional certifications under my belt, I am aiming to enter the cybersecurity field. I''ve already been invited to participate in the upcoming statewide NetWars competition, having proven my basic chops already. Gaining greater knowledge as well as certifications will certainly help me get the doors to open up so I can stride through and make my way in a new world."

What are your Goals? "My goals are to learn more about the cybersecurity field through taking classes. Gaining certifications are a necessity in the field, and the knowledge I would gain through taking classes at NetCom will go a long way towards achieving my goals. As I plan on making my way in cybersecuity, I plan on learning more about ethical hacking, digital forensic techniques and the architecture of setting up and shoring up defenses. I''ve learned much so far and have a driving need to learn more!"

How will this scholarship help you? "This scholarship will help me make myself a better scholar who can not only find solutions for problems in the world with the skills a political science major gives you but also be apply to apply those solutions and being able to use the technological advancements is major step forward into achieving the goal."

Why right candidate? " I am the right person for this because I''m driven by an inner fire for gaining knowledge. It''s been a hallmark of my entire life. I''ve come across far too many people in the world who simply go through the motions of getting degrees and certifications and such, all just to get "the job." For me, this is about more than just getting a new career in gear. It''s about the lifelong pursuit of knowledge and about really becoming part of a field where constant gaining of new knowledge is not only a bonus, but an absolute necessity. If someone doesn''t have that inner fire and passion for gaining greater knowledge, there''s just no room for them in the constantly evolving world of technology. I have the drive, the intelligence, and the interest in really making this my life''s work instead of "just something I do for the paycheck." I think that, with the help of the Sarder Scholarship, I can continue to push for that goal and truly make a difference."

March 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
March 2014 Winner
Mikel Qafa

Background "My education in the classes is only part of my learning experience, I prefer learning by doing. I study Political Science at Earlham College, Richmond IN, USA. I live in Europe and America and share a rich background after having heritage from Italy and Albania, and having lived over most of European countries for a short period of time. I will resume my studies in the fall of 2014 in the US, so during the time being I wanted to keep experiencing the real world and explore more fields of study. Since I was a child I knew I wanted to do something to change the lives of other people around the world, and I would love to use my skills acquired with experience and motivation to make my dream come true. Success to me is a measure of the way and how much my work influences the lives of other people. And there is no better way to deliver this change than by learning how to deliver this change by learning more from the the online courses and classes NetCom offers."

How will this scholarship help you? "This scholarship will help me make myself a better scholar who can not only find solutions for problems in the world with the skills a political science major gives you but also be apply to apply those solutions and being able to use the technological advancements is major step forward into achieving the goal."

Why right candidate? " I am the right candidate to win this scholarship because I have had enough opportunities and experiences in life where not being able to use technology did not stop me from giving a solution to the problem; but if I had had more knowledge how to use technology I could have better predicted the outcomes and served a better solution to the people."

January 2014 IT Training Scholarship Winner
January 2014 Winner
Kimberly Parker

Background "I have my Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems, and I love all things involving technology. I enjoy helping friends with their technological issues, I also enjoy instructing individuals on how to use computers and other devices. I am self-taught, highly motivated, and extremely passionate in my pursuit of technology. Recently I worked in the Computer ESL Lab before earning my Bachelor''s Degree. I often troubleshooted Level 1 IT issues such as lost files, frozen computers, and printer issues. Out of the 5 of us on staff including the Supervisor I was always referred to as the Tech Guru. Even after graduation I still receive calls and emails for computer issues, I love what I do, solving people technological problems, and giving them peace of mind."

What are your Goals? "My learning goals are to continue learning all that I can to become a better IT Technician to be a great asset to a company. Additionally to pursue a Networking+ Certification, and develop better skills in Networking, and as well as Security+. Additionally, I would like to study programming such as Python, and C++, but not limited to just those two."

How will this scholarship help you? "This scholarship will help me to achieve my goals by giving me the resources to pursue these certifications and to be well equipped for a company. I''m passionate about technology and this scholarship is just what I need to continue in this pursuit. I''m passionate about learning."

Why right candidate? "I am the right candidate to win this scholarship because I love learning, am extremely passionate about all things technology, am self-motivated, and community and technology focused. I love teaching what I have learned and helping others to reach levels in higher technology whether its as simple as setting up their email addresses, using tablets for the first time, teaching them how to avoid spyware, showing them how to use software or encouraging them that they can be successful in their learning."

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