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Google Apps for Businesses Training Courses

About the Google Apps for Businesses

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)

You will communicate and collaborate with others using the various applications in Google Apps.

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This training consists of the following courses:

Google Apps for Businesses   More on this course

2 days | 16 hours

arrow Course Objectives

  • » describe the basic features of Google Apps.
  • » communicate using Gmail.
  • » communicate using Gmail Chat and Google Talk.
  • » use Google Calendar to keep track of schedules.
  • » create and share documents and presentations using Google Docs.
  • » work with Google Spreadsheets and Forms.
  • » communicate and collaborate with others using Google Groups.
  • » create and customize a site using Google Sites.
  • » upload and share videos in Google Video.

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arrow Course Outline

  • Getting Started with Google Apps
    1. Introduction to Google Apps
    2. Log in to the Google Apps Domain
    3. Configure the Administrative Settings
  • Communicating Using Gmail
    1. Introduction to Gmail
    2. Compose an Email
    3. Manage Email Messages
    4. Manage Contacts
  • Communicating Using Gmail Chat and Google Talk
    1. Communicate Using Gmail Chat
    2. Communicate Using Google Talk
  • Managing Schedules Using Google Calendar
    1. Explore Google Calendar
    2. Schedule an Event
    3. Share a Calendar
    4. Search Calendars
    5. Create Task Lists
  • Working with Google Documents and Presentations
    1. Introduction to Google Docs
    2. Create Word Documents
    3. Share Documents with Other Users
    4. Create Presentations
    5. Share Presentations with Other Users
    6. Create Drawings
  • Working with Google Spreadsheets and Forms
    1. Create Spreadsheets
    2. Set Permissions and Notifications in Spreadsheets
    3. Create Forms
  • Collaborating Using Google Groups
    1. Create Google Groups
    2. Initiate Discussions in Google Groups
    3. Subscribe to and Manage a Group
    4. Customize a Group
  • Collaborating Using Google Sites
    1. Explore Google Sites
    2. Create a Site
    3. Edit a Site
    4. Manage a Site
  • Working with Google Video
    1. Upload Videos
    2. Share Videos

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