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CompTIA Security+ Certification Boot Camp Training Courses

About the CompTIA Security+ Certification Boot Camp

Duration: 4 days (40 hours)

CompTIA Security+ Certification

CompTIA Security+ (Exam SY0-401) is the primary course you will need to take if your job responsibilities include securing network services, devices, and traffic in your organization. You can also take this course to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ certification examination. In this course, you will build on your knowledge of and professional experience with security fundamentals, networks, and organizational security as you acquire the specific skills required to implement basic security services on any type of computer network.

This course can benefit you in two ways. If you intend to pass the CompTIA Security+ (Exam SY0-401) certification examination, this course can be a significant part of your preparation. But certification is not the only key to professional success in the field of computer security. Today's job market demands individuals with demonstrable skills, and the information and activities in this course can help you build your computer security skill set so that you can confidently perform your duties in any security-related role.

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May 4, 2015–May 7, 2015
8:00am – 6:00pm PST

Jun 29, 2015–Jul 2, 2015
8:00am – 6:00pm PST

Aug 31, 2015–Sep 3, 2015
8:00am – 6:00pm PST

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This training consists of the following courses:

Why take a combo course?
In one word, savings! You save an average of 15-20% off the individual courses if taken separately.

CompTIA Security+ Certification Boot Camp   More on this course

4 days | 40 hours

arrow Course Objectives

  • » Identify the fundamental concepts of computer security.
  • » Identify security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • » Manage data, application, and host security.
  • » Implement network security.
  • » Identify and implement access control and account management security measures.
  • » Manage certificates.
  • » Identify and implement compliance and operational security measures.
  • » Manage risk.
  • » Troubleshoot and manage security incidents.
  • » Plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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arrow Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Security Fundamentals
    1. Topic A: The Information Security Cycle
    2. Topic B: Information Security Controls
    3. Topic C: Authentication Methods
    4. Topic D: Cryptography Fundamentals
    5. Topic E: Security Policy Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: Identifying Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
    1. Topic A: Social Engineering
    2. Topic B: Malware
    3. Topic C: Software-Based Threats
    4. Topic D: Network-Based Threats
    5. Topic E: Wireless Threats and Vulnerabilities
    6. Topic F: Physical Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Lesson 3: Managing Data, Application, and Host Security
    1. Topic A: Manage Data Security
    2. Topic B: Manage Application Security
    3. Topic C: Manage Device and Host Security
    4. Topic D: Manage Mobile Security
  • Lesson 4: Implementing Network Security
    1. Topic A: Configure Security Parameters on Network Devices and Technologies
    2. Topic B: Network Design Elements and Components
    3. Topic C: Implement Networking Protocols and Services
    4. Topic D: Apply Secure Network Administration Principles
    5. Topic E: Secure Wireless Traffic
  • Lesson 5: Implementing Access Control, Authentication, and Account Management
    1. Topic A: Access Control and Authentication Services
    2. Topic B: Implement Account Management Security Controls
  • Lesson 6: Managing Certificates
    1. Topic A: Install a CA Hierarchy
    2. Topic B: Enroll Certificates
    3. Topic C: Secure Network Traffic by Using Certificates
    4. Topic D: Renew Certificates
    5. Topic E: Back Up and Restore Certificates and Private Keys
    6. Topic F: Revoke Certificates
  • Lesson 7: Implementing Compliance and Operational Security
    1. Topic A: Physical Security
    2. Topic B: Legal Compliance
    3. Topic C: Security Awareness and Training
    4. Topic D: Integrate Systems and Data with Third Parties
  • Lesson 8: Risk Management
    1. Topic A: Risk Analysis
    2. Topic B: Implement Vulnerability Assessment Tools and Techniques
    3. Topic C: Scan for Vulnerabilities
    4. Topic D: Mitigation and Deterrent Techniques
  • Lesson 9: Troubleshooting and Managing Security Incidents
    1. Topic A: Respond to Security Incidents
    2. Topic B: Recover from a Security Incident
  • Lesson 10: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
    1. Topic A: Business Continuity
    2. Topic B: Plan for Disaster Recovery
    3. Topic C: Execute DRPs and Procedures

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This training prepares students for the following exam(s):

  • » SY0-401: CompTIA Security+ Certification

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Pre-requisites for CompTIA Security+ Certification Boot Camp

Recommended Prerequisites:

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Recent Client Testimonials & Reviews

Mar 19 2015
The instructor, Richard, was an excellent teacher. He made everything easy to understand and provided a lot of real world example that made the material a lot easier to digest.
Christina N.
Course(s) Taken

» CompTIA Security+ Certification

Oct 29 2014
The price is great, the ability to reschedule or retake a class without issue is a plus.
George Mensah
Course(s) Taken

» Security+ (2007) Certification

Oct 21 2014
It was very informative, and the instructor was very knowledgeable on the subject. It was definitely worth it.
Jeffrey Martin
Course(s) Taken

» CompTIA Security+ Certification

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