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Redeem Your Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs) at NetCom Learning

SATVs: Don't Lose Them!

  • Reduce your Company's out of pocket training budget.
  • Maximize the Return on your Software investment with a Microsoft Award Winning Learning Organization.
  • Prepare your IT professionals and Developers with top-notch, real-world experienced instructors.
  • Choose from several delivery methods, such as Standard Classes, Boot Camps, Online and Onsite - Onsite Training available at your corporate location!
  • Additional Online Learning Microsoft Library Subscriptions - A value of $240/license/year!

Do I have Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)? Establishing a Benefits Administrator Activating and Assigning Training Vouchers

Benefits of Private Training with NetCom Learning

Do I Have Software Assurance?

If your organization purchased volume licensing of Microsoft software, you most likely participate in Software Assurance. Software Assurance offers a broad range of benefits in one program which helps you deploy, manage, and migrate software.

Do I Qualify for Software Assurance/Free Microsoft Training?

Software Assurance is selected at the time of software purchase. If your organization purchased volume licensing of Microsoft software, you most likely participate in Software Assurance. "SA Pack MVL" on your Microsoft Licensing invoice means your organization participates in the Software Assurance program. The Notices Contact listed on the agreement, is your organization's Agreement Administrator. Your organization can begin using qualifying benefits immediately and over the term of the license agreement.

We can help. Give us a call at 1-888-563-8266.

Does My Volume Licensing Program Include Training Vouchers?

The following Volume Licensing programs are eligible for training vouchers:

  • Open Value
  • Open Value Company-Wide/Subscription
  • Select License with Software Assurance Membership
  • Select Plus with Software Assurance Membership
  • Enterprise Agreement/Subscription

How Can I Find SATVs at my Organization?

You can ask the Benefits Administrator, Software Purchasing Manager or IT Manager at your organization for your training vouchers. Or you can contact NetCom for assistance at 1-888-563-8266. Many companies find it easier to utilize NetCom's in-house Benefits Activation Experts that work directly with you and Microsoft. Our experts can help you activate your benefits, including redemption of your SATVs.

Which Microsoft Courses Can My SATVs Be Used For?

You can apply your SATVs towards any of Microsoft's IT Professional and Developer classes at NetCom Learning. For a listing of Microsoft courses available at NetCom, including ITPro and Developer courses, please visit our Microsoft Technical Training page. Some Microsoft Dynamics courses also qualify.

What are the Benefits of Redeeming SATVs?

SATVs can help your organization:

  • Reduce your overall training budget.
  • Reduce downtime and lost opportunities.
  • Maximize the return on your software investment.
  • Prepare your IT professionals and developers to successfully deploy, manage and migrate to new technologies.