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Live Online Training™

Live Online Training brings our award-winning classroom experience to you! Developed through rigorous testing of the leading virtual learning environments and multimedia technologies, Live Online Training - a.k.a. "LOT" - delivers the training industry's most complete remote classroom experience.

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Features and Benefits of Live Online Training courses:
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training from any internet-accessible location
  • Real-time remote access to class software and virtual lab environment
  • Eliminate travel expenses and save the time spent in transit - Go Green
  • LOT is compatible with PCs, Macs, and mobile devices

What is included in your Live Online Training tuition?
  • NetCom's Award-Winning Training & Certification Prep
  • Official Courseware and Lab Manuals for your class (PDF's - where applicable)
  • Test-Prep Software if applicable

Which courses can be delivered via Live Online Training?

System Requirements & Preparing for Live Online Training
Follow these 4 steps from the computer and network you will use to attend class:

1. Computer System Requirements

  • Use a recent PC or Mac computer that is less than 4 years old
  • Two display monitors are highly recommended
    • one for joining the virtual classroom and, if applicable, viewing digital books
    • the other for doing your labs
  • Your internet connection
    • Please use a wired, not wireless or wifi connection
    • Please use a broadband internet connection and not dial-up (modem)
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2. Joining the virtual classroom

You will connect to the classroom using either Citrix GoToMeeting.
Please test your connectivity for both options.


To prepare, please connect to a GoToMeeting Test meeting below.


  • Click on Join the test session link and follow instructions to launch GoToMeeting software.
  • If you connect successfully, then you are ready to connect to your virtual classroom on the day of your class.

Click to test GoToMeeting


Tip: To learn how to use GoToMeeting software effectively, please click here .

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3. Testing your audio and microphone

The following audio test requires:

  1. Adobe Flash plugin version 10.1 and up: Download from Adobe for free
  2. For best results, please use a USB digital headset. (with headphone & microphone in one unit)
Audio and Microphone Test

  1. Click Start Record
  2. Click Allow when Adobe Flash popup window requests access
  3. Speak some test words into your microphone and click Stop Record when done
  4. Click the Play button and if you hear your recording, the audio test is successful
  5. If you do not hear your recording, please contact us

Please download and update to the latest version of Adobe Flash player here before proceeding with the audio test.

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4. Test connection to our remote labs

  1. If your class includes hands-on lab exercises, you will connect to a lab environment
  2. Please click the button to test if you can access our remote labs:

    Click to test Lab Connectivity

For certain technical courses, you will be launching your labs using Microsoft Hyper-V. Your instructor will guide you through this process, but you can also refer to instructions here.

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