DevOps Implementation Accelerated Training

DevOps Implementation Accelerated Training Course Description

Duration: 3.00 days (24 hours)

For decades there have been big disconnects between the different roles of the IT shop. We struggle with inherent barriers between development projects and the stable infrastructure needed to deploy and run products. Applications get completed and tested in insulated internal environments without adequate collaboration between production IT staff and infrastructure administrators. Unforeseen challenges plague the production environment, wreaking havoc with deadlines, deliverables, and ultimately the business mission. Security is often a wet blanket at best, and an afterthought at worst. In the meantime, huge backlogs of work and technical debt pile up, chronically eroding the efficiency and agility of the business' IT capability.

Next Class Dates

May 15, 2017 – May 17, 2017
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CT

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Intended Audience for this DevOps Implementation Accelerated Training Course

  • » Software Architects, Developers, Operations or IT Staff, Technical Leads and Managers, QA staff, QA Lead/QA Manager, Test Lead/Test Manager, Tester, Product Manager, Development Manager.

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DevOps Implementation Accelerated Training Course Objectives

  • » Explain the foundational concepts of DevOps
  • » Apply key DevOps practices
  • » Enhance communication and collaboration between developers, QA, and operations staff
  • » Contribute to the continuous delivery of high quality software

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DevOps Implementation Accelerated Training Course Outline

      1. DevOps Overview
        1. What is DevOps?
        2. Why DevOps?
        3. How DevOps works
      2. Adopting DevOps
        1. Knowing where to begin
        2. People in DevOps
        3. Process in DevOps
        4. Technology in DevOps
      3. DevOps Culture
        1. CALMS: The Pillars of DevOps
        2. Systems thinking
        3. Amplifying feedback loops
        4. Experimentation
        5. Kaizen culture
      4. Process in DevOps
        1. DevOps and Agile
        2. DevOps as a business process
        3. Change management process
        4. DevOps practices
      5. Lean Thinking and Kanban
        1. Value stream mapping
        2. Visualizing the delivery pipeline workflow
        3. Delivery pipeline optimization
        4. Eliminating waste, bottlenecks, rework, overproduction, and wait times
        5. Limiting work in progress
      6. Configuration Management Practices
        1. Version control practices
        2. Dependency management
        3. Software configuration
        4. Environment configuration
        5. Infrastructure as code
      7. DevOps Integration on Scrum Teams
        1. Definition of Ready
        2. Definition of Done
        3. Estimation
        4. Sprints
        5. Releases
      8. Continuous Testing Practices
        1. Testing quadrants
        2. Developer testing
        3. Automated Acceptance Testing
        4. System Testing
        5. Regression Testing
      9. Continuous Integration Practices
        1. Build automation
        2. Self-testing builds
        3. When to commit
        4. Developer vs. Integration Environments
        5. When and what to build
      10. Continuous Delivery Practices
        1. Release planning
        2. CD principles
        3. CD best practices
        4. Deployment pipelines
      11. Continuous Monitoring and Feedback Practices
        1. Static code analysis
        2. Code coverage
        3. Key operations metrics

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Do you have the right background for DevOps Implementation Accelerated Training?

Skills Assessment

We ensure your success by asking all students to take a FREE Skill Assessment test. These short, instructor-written tests are an objective measure of your current skills that help us determine whether or not you will be able to meet your goals by attending this course at your current skill level. If we determine that you need additional preparation or training in order to gain the most value from this course, we will recommend cost-effective solutions that you can use to get ready for the course.

Our required skill-assessments ensure that:

  1. All students in the class are at a comparable skill level, so the class can run smoothly without beginners slowing down the class for everyone else.
  2. NetCom students enjoy one of the industry's highest success rates, and pass rates when a certification exam is involved.
  3. We stay committed to providing you real value. Again, your success is paramount; we will register you only if you have the skills to succeed.
This assessment is for your benefit and best taken without any preparation or reference materials, so your skills can be objectively measured.

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Award winning, world-class Instructors

Our instructors are passionate at teaching and are experts in their respective fields. Our average NetCom instructor has many, many years of real-world experience and impart their priceless, valuable knowledge to our students every single day. See our world-class instructors.   See more instructors...

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Recent Client Testimonials & Reviews

I found the class to be very informative and exam orientated. The instructor offered many help tips.

-Elwin F.
Course(s) Taken

» Technical Webinar: Increasing project profitability using DevOps framework.

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