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CompTIA CTT+ Certification

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CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer+
The CTT+ certificate is a cross-industry credential providing recognition that an instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training industry. The examinations are based on a set of objectives designed to measure the core knowledge and skills that competent instructors must demonstrate to complete an instructional assignment successfully both in a classroom and a virtual classroom environment.

This cross-industry certification is available to all training professionals. The CTT+ Program was created to eliminate redundancies among various instructor certification programs in computer training and education.

While it is significant that the computer industry is the first to endorse the CTT+ Program, the wider impact is that the certification can be applied to all industries that provide technical training, non-technical training and education.

CompTIA CTT+ | Classroom and Virtual Designation Flow Chart
Steps To CompTIA CTT+ Certification
Two exams are necessary to be certified: CompTIA CTT+ Essentials (CTT+ Essentials TK0-201) that assesses knowledge, and at least one of the two designations: Classroom Trainer or Virtual Classroom Trainer (TK0-202 or TK0-203) where candidates will need to supply a video or recording of their classroom or virtual classroom sessions.

CTT+ Exam Details
CTT+ Exam Type: Computer based, and video recording.
CTT+ Test Duration: 90 minutes
CTT+ Exam Cost: CompTIA CTT+ (Essentials) is $246 USD ($209 for CompTIA members). CompTIA CTT+ (Classroom/Virtual Classroom) is $266 USD ($226 for CompTIA members).
CTT+ Passing Score: 655 for CompTIA CTT+ Essentials and 36 for Classroom Trainer and Virtual Classroom Trainer.
CompTIA CTT+ Certification Track
NetCom provides CompTIA CTT+ training using Official Curriculum.

CompTIA CTT+ Core: Must Pass 2 Exams
TK0-201CTT+ EssentialsPrepare for this exam with:
CompTIA CTT+ Certification (Train the Trainer)
TK0-202CTT+ Classroom Performance-Based ExamPrepare for this exam with:
CompTIA CTT+ Certification (Train the Trainer)
TK0-203CTT+ Virtual Classroom Performance-Based ExamPrepare for this exam with:
CompTIA CTT+ Certification (Train the Trainer)

Training Delivery Methods Available at NetCom


Live Online

Boot Camp

Private Onsite

Private 1-on-1

Target Audience
This course is ideal for trainers and presenters from all industries to improve their presentation skills. It offers the additional benefit of fulfilling the presentation skills component as mandated by Microsoft for MCT and CompTIA for CTT+ certification.

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