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CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 Certification



The CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 is designed to certify knowledge of Citrix XenApp 6 desktop solutions.

Steps To CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 Certification

This certification is attained by passing the Basic Administration for XenApp 6 exam, in which exam-takers demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to install, configure, and administer Citrix XenApp 6 on-demand applications.


CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 Certification Track

NetCom provides CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 training using Official Curriculum.

CCA for Citrix XenApp 6 Core: Must Pass 1 Exam
A20 Citrix XenApp 6.5 AdministrationPrepare for exam with training course:

» CXA-206-1: Citrix XenApp 6.5 Basic Administration

Exam A18 Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6 


Target Audience

This course is intended for IT professionals, such as server, network and systems administrators familiar with Microsoft Windows environments. Systems engineers, sales engineers, analysts, consultants and architects also are appropriate candidates for this course.

Testimonials from students who recently completed this certification

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