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MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access and Web Applications - Boot Camp

About the MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access and Web Applications - Boot Camp

NetCom - .Net Framework
This package is geared towards allowing individuals to create data-driven applications that access data from various sources, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Office Access, object data sources, XML, or other flat-file sources. In addition, it also teaches students how to create Web-based applications that run on the ASP.NET platform and are hosted on Internet Information Server.

This course prepares students for the following certifications:

  • MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access
  • MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Web Applications

  • This training combines and covers materials from the following courses:
    10265: Developing Data Access Solutions with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Boot Camp (3.5 days)   More on this course...
    • Evaluate a variety of business cases, and then select an appropriate combination of data access technologies and tools most appropriate to each case. Describe the roles of Entity Framework, WCF Data Services, and ADO.NET for building and maintaining applications. Use LINQ on top of these technologies to improve productivity and the quality of their applications.
    • Use the tools provided with the Entity Framework to map the conceptual model used by the business logic of an application to the logical data model provided by a database.
    • Query an Entity Data Model (EDM) by using common methods such as LINQ to Entities, Entity SQL, and the classes in the EntityClient namespace.
    • Perform data modification tasks on data in an EDM.
    • Explain the function of the Object Services model implemented by the Entity Framework and the support provided by the Object Services API for addressing the issues faced by enterprise applications that have to handle multiple concurrent users simultaneously accessing the same data .
    • Describe best practices for designing and building a scalable, optimized data access layer by using Object Services.
    • Customize and extend entities with their own business logic and use advanced mappings to shape the data model to their business and application requirements.
    • Reuse existing business classes in a data access layer built by using the Entity Framework.
    • Address the architectural issues that can arise when building an n-tier enterprise application by using the Entity Framework.
    • Build extensible solutions that can update data in an n-tier enterprise application by using the Entity Framework.
    • Access offline data or data that that has limited availability in client applications.
    • Design, develop, and consume a simple WCF Data Service.
    • Use WCF Data Services to update and delete data and to handle multi-user concerns.
    • Develop high performance, scalable ADO.NET applications that can query and update data.
    • Explain how LINQ to SQL enables development against a logical model which abstracts the low-level details of querying ADO.NET tables and result sets.
    • Module 1: Architecture and Data Access Technologies
      1. Data Access Technologies
      2. Data Access Scenarios
    • Module 2: Building Entity Data Models
      1. Introduction to Entity Data Models
      2. Modifying the Entity Data Model
      3. Customizing the Entity Data Model
    • Module 3: Querying Entity Data
      1. Retrieving Data by Using LINQ to Entities
      2. Retrieving Data by Using Entity SQL
      3. Retrieving Data by Using EntityClient Provider
      4. Retrieving Data by Using Stored Procedures
      5. Unit Testing Your Data Access Code
    • Module 4: Creating, Updating, and Deleting Entity Data
      1. Understanding Change Tracking in the Entity Framework
      2. Modifying Data in an Entity Data Model
    • Module 5: Handling Multi-User Scenarios by Using Object Services
      1. Handling Concurrency in the Entity Framework
      2. Transactional Support in the Entity Framework
    • Module 6: Building Optimized Solutions by Using Object Services
      1. The Stages of Query Execution
      2. Change Tracking and Object Materialization
      3. Using Compiled Queries
      4. Using Design-Time Generated Entity Framework Views
      5. Monitoring Performance
      6. Performing Asynchronous Data Modifications
    • Module 7: Customizing Entities and Building Custom Entity Classes
      1. Overriding Generated Classes
      2. Using Templates to Customize Entities
      3. Creating and Using Custom Entity Classes
    • Module 8: Using POCO Classes with the Entity Framework
      1. Requirements for POCO Classes
      2. POCO Classes and Lazy Loading
      3. POCO Classes and Change Tracking
      4. Extending Entity Types
    • Module 9: Building an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework
      1. Designing an N-Tier Solution
      2. Defining Operations and Implementing Data Transport Structures
      3. Protecting Data and Operations
    • Module 10: Handling Updates in an N-Tier Solution by Using the Entity Framework
      1. Tracking Entities and Persisting Changes
      2. Managing Exceptions in an N-Tier Solution
    • Module 11: Building Occasionally Connected Solutions
      1. Offline Data Caching by Using XML
      2. Using the Sync Framework
    • Module 12: Querying Data by Using WCF Data Services
      1. Introduction to WCF Data Services
      2. Creating a WCF Data Service
      3. Consuming a WCF Data Service
      4. Protecting Data and Operations in a WCF Data Service
    • Module 13: Updating Data by Using WCF Data Services
      1. Creating, Updating, and Deleting Data in a WCF Data Service
      2. Preventing Unauthorized Updates and Improving Performance
      3. Using WCF Data Services with Nonrelational Data
    • Module 14: Using ADO.NET
      1. Retrieving and Modifying Data by Using ADO.NET Commands
      2. Retrieving and Modifying Data by Using DataSets
      3. Managing Transactions and Concurrency in Multiuser Scenarios
    • Module 15: Using LINQ to SQL
      1. Implementing a Logical Data Model by Using LINQ to SQL
      2. Managing Performance and Handling Concurrency
    10264: Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Boot Camp (3.5 days)   More on this course...
    • Describe the underlying architecture and design of a Web application.
    • Apply best practices and make appropriate trade-offs based on business requirements when designing a Web application.
    • Develop MVC models.
    • Develop MVC controllers.
    • Develop MVC views.
    • Optimize the design of a Web application for discoverability by search engines.
    • Write server-side code for Web Forms.
    • Optimize data management for Web Forms.
    • Ensure quality by debugging, unit testing, and refactoring.
    • Secure a Web application.
    • Apply Master Pages and CSS for a consistent application UI.
    • Develop client-side scripts and services for a responsive, rich, and interactive UI.
    • Implement advanced AJAX in a Web application.
    • Deploy a Web application.
    • Develop a Web application by using Silverlight.
    • Module 1: Overview of Web Application Design
      1. Overview of IIS 7.0
      2. Overview of ASP.NET 4.0
      3. Introduction to the MVC Framework
      4. Overview of the Request Life Cycle
    • Module 2: Designing a Web Application
      1. Web Applications: Case Studies
      2. Web Application Design Essentials
      3. Guidelines for Determining When to Use Web Forms and MVC
      4. Visual Studio 2010 Tools and Technologies for Web Application Design
    • Module 3: Developing MVC Models
      1. Exploring Ways to Create MVC Models
      2. Creating a Data Repository
    • Module 4: Developing MVC Controllers
      1. Implementing MVC Controllers
      2. Creating Action Methods
    • Module 5: Developing MVC Views
      1. Implementing MVC Views
      2. Implementing Strongly-Typed MVC Views
      3. Implementing Partial MVC Views
    • Module 6: Designing for Discoverability
      1. Overview of Search Engine Optimization
      2. Creating the Robots and Sitemap Files
      3. Using ASP.NET Routing
    • Module 7: Writing Server-Side Code for Web Forms
      1. Overview of the Structure of a Web Application
      2. Controlling ViewState
      3. Localizing a Web Application
      4. Persisting Data on a Web Forms Page
      5. Validating User Input
    • Module 8: Optimizing Data Management for Web Forms
      1. Managing Data by Using LINQ to Entities
      2. Using Data Source Controls
      3. Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data
    • Module 9: Ensuring Quality by Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring
      1. Debugging and Refactoring Code
      2. Unit Testing Code
      3. Processing Unhandled Exceptions
      4. Test Driven Development
    • Module 10: Securing a Web Application
      1. Configuring Authentication
      2. Configuring ASP.NET Membership
      3. Managing Authorization by Using ASP.NET Roles
    • Module 11: Applying Master Pages and CSS
      1. Applying Master Pages
      2. Applying CSS, Skins, and Themes
    • Module 12: Developing Client Side Scripts and Services
      1. Developing Client-Side Scripts
      2. Implementing AJAX
      3. Creating Services
    • Module 13: Implementing Advanced AJAX in a Web Application
      1. Implementing AJAX in ASP.NET MVC Pages Using Microsoft AJAX
      2. Implementing AJAX in ASP.NET MVC Pages Using jQuery
      3. Working With jQuery and AJAX Events
    • Module 14: Deploying a Web Application
      1. Overview of Web Application Deployments
      2. Overview of Web Site Deployments
      3. Deploying AdventureWorks
    • Module 15: Developing a Web Application by Using Silverlight
      1. Introduction to Rich Internet Applications
      2. Overview of Silverlight
      3. Creating a Silverlight Application

    Why should you take the MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access and Web Applications - Boot Camp

    Benefits of Certification
    For IT professionals, certification is a third party validation of your skills, that helps distinguish you from your peers. Beyond demonstrating a level of competency and proficiency, certification proves that you are committed to your cause and that you've invested the time and money to prove it. Holding a certification also makes you a more valuable employee, and often results in raises, promotions, and a better career.

    For organizations, certifications identify the credentials that can be used to hire the right employee. Having certified employees also increases sales for the organization by proving to prospective clients that the organization has the skills to support its claims.

    Discover Our Vegas Boot Camp experience

    What's Included
    • Instructor-led Training -- Learn from an expert Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Our expert instructors are themselves certified in the technologies they teach and have years of experience in the real world as well as in teaching. A large majority of our instructors are part-time consultants and provide solutions to a wide variety of companies.
    • High Quality Courseware -- Learn using the best courseware -- directly from Microsoft. We use custom MS curriculum for our training and customize it to meet the objectives of this boot camp style course.
    • Test Vouchers -- The boot camp includes two test vouchers (70-516 & 70-515) , at no additional cost.
    • Certification Attainment Policy (CAP) -- We are confident of the quality of our boot camp. Please see our CAP section below for details.
    • Refreshments -- Snacks, freshly-brewed coffee, tea and water are available throughout the day at the training site. Our training facilities are located within walking distance of several eateries and restaurants, offering students the opportunity to satisfy their own tastes and dietary requirements. Click here for all of our Las Vegas amenities.
    • Skills Assessment -- The only boot camp that makes sure all the students have the correct prerequisites.
    • Seven days of complete-immersion and distraction-free training -- Includes 70 hours of lectures, hands on labs, topic reviews, test preparation and testing.
    • Testing at Training Site -- Convenience is the key. You don't have to find and schedule your test with an authorized testing center. NetCom Learning is an authorized testing center and you can take the test as soon as you are ready. This feature may not be available at all locations. Please confirm with us if the location you selected has testing available.
    • Travel Package Assistance (Hotel and/or Air) -- NetCom offers a travel package featuring round trip airfare to Las Vegas and hotel assistance.

    Do you have the right background for MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access and Web Applications - Boot Camp?

    Skills Assessment
    We ensure your success by asking all students to take a FREE Skill Assessment test. These short, instructor-written tests are an objective measure of your current skills that help us determine whether or not you will be able to meet your goals by attending this course at your current skill level. If we determine that you need additional preparation or training in order to gain the most value from this course, we will tell you so right away. We will also recommend cost-effective solutions that you can use to get ready for the course.

    Our required skill-assessments ensure that:

    1. All students in the class are at a comparable skill level, so the class can run smoothly without beginners slowing down the class for everyone else.
    2. NetCom students enjoy one of the industry's highest success rates, and pass rates when a certification exam is involved.
    3. We stay committed to providing you real value. Again, your success is paramount; we will register you only if you have the skills to succeed.
    This assessment is for your benefit and best taken without any preparation or reference materials, so your skills can be objectively measured.

    Take your FREE Skill Assessment test now.

    Target Audience
    Members of the audience have a minimum of two to three years of experience developing Web-based applications by using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft ASP.NET. Members of the audience are experienced users of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and newer releases of the Visual Studio product. The audience understands how to use the new features of Visual Studio 2010.

    Benefit of taking MCTS: .NET Framework 4, Data Access and Web Applications - Boot Camp at NetCom

    • Why choose Microsoft - Technical Training at NetCom Learning?
      As a recognition for training excellence, NetCom Learning was chosen by Microsoft as the 2007 Worldwide Learning Solutions Partner of the year out of 1400 training companies.

      In addition, we have won numerous other training awards for quality and customer satisfaction by CompTIA, EC-Council and other vendors. We are simply passionate about learning and achieving the highest customer satisfaction in your learning experience!

      See the training value proposition below:

      Why Microsoft - Technical Training at NetCom?

      NetCom Learning is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). CPLS is the premier training channel and delivery mechanism for Microsoft training content. NetCom was honored by Microsoft as the 2007 Worldwide Partner of the Year for Learning Solutions. Selected as the Number One CPLS from over 1400 worldwide CPLSs, Microsoft recognized our commitment and ability to deliver high-quality learning services using a consultative engagement model.

      Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions Value Proposition:
      Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions Non-authorized Training Center
      Only MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainers) are authorized to teach the class Non MCT can teach the course
      Taught using Microsoft Authorized Courseware (MOC), includes free evaluation software and online training Do not have access to official courseware
      Partners adhere to stringent Microsoft designated lab requirements Computer and lab equipment may not be up to requirements of course
      Successful candidates are awarded Certificate of Completion directly from Microsoft for most of the courses Not authorized to issue Certificate of Completion
      Software Assurance Vouchers can only be redeemed at a CPLS Cannot redeem Software Assurance Vouchers from Microsoft
      Overall, a better quality training experience Substandard training experience

      Here are some important web links:

      1. Certifications
      2. Career Tracks
      3. Course Catalog (PDF Version)
      4. Course Listing by Vendor
      5. Sign up for Free Workshops
      6. Student Loan as low as $25 per month
      7. Our Recognition List
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      9. Why NetCom?
      10. Locations

    • NetCom provides Authorized Training
      NetCom Learning is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS), Cisco Learning Partner, CompTIA Platinum Partner, EC-Council Accredited Training Center, Adobe Authorized Training Center, Autodesk Authorized Training Center and many others. We are proud to offer the highest quality, authorized training solutions from our many partners for our customers.

      See our comprehensive list of partner authorizations.

    • Award winning, world-class Instructors
      Carmille A.
      - Highly-skilled in graphics and web software including Adobe CS3, CS4 & CS5 Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, Captivate, Acrobat and Quark;
      - Expert in Microsoft Office, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Licensed Application Instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer since 2000.
      - Over 20 years of experience as Creative Director for multinational corporations such as McCann Erickson, Lintas, and Publicis.


      Carmille has been a Licensed Application Instructor and Microsoft Certified Trainer for years. She specializes in web development, business productivity and digital media applications such as SharePoint, Quark and the Adobe Creative Suite as well as numerous programming languages including XML, XHMTL, HTML and CSS.

      Carmille is passionate about educating and has a unique talent for making complex design and development principals seem "easy" to students from all levels of expertise. She currently teaches Adobe Graphic and Web Designer, Microsoft Office Specialist, SharePoint End User and the acclaimed Website Development Professional courses at NetCom Learning. Her 20+ years of experience as Creative Director for multinational corporations bring a special and innovative approach to her classes at NetCom Learning.

      Charles W.
      - Expert in Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access as well as Adobe Graphic and Web Designer (InDesign, Acrobat, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and Flash Catalyst)
      - Holds an A.A.S in Graphic Design as well as various Awards and Affiliations, including MCT, MCP, MCAS, and Office 2007 Master.
      - Senior Lead Trainer for over 10 years.


      Charles is a Technical Trainer & Instructional Designer for over 10 years. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer and dedicates himself to Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Project, Visio, and Access. He is also an Adobe specialist and holds a degree in Graphic Design.

      Charles is well known for his high evaluation scores, achieving 8.75 out of 9 on a regular basis, teaching in one-on-one, instructor-led, and web-based environments; one of the reasons for his high evaluation is his expertise in increasing personnel performance by developing and implementing programs constructed from the job task analysis process. Charles currently teaches Adobe Graphic and Web Designer, and Microsoft Office Specialist courses at NetCom Learning.
      Emilio G.
      - Vastly experienced working within multinational environments and capable of connecting to different audiences
      - In-depth expertise in the implementation, troubleshooting and documentation of networks and security systems, with strong "hands on" technical knowledge of CISSP, CEH and CHFI.
      - Master of Science in Electronics Engineering, and holder of several technical certifications.
      - Highly-skilled in diverse fields ranging from Security, Computer Forensics, Networking, Routing Protocols, Programming, Databases and Applications to name a few.


      With over 25 years of technical experience, Emilio brings a dynamic set of skills supported by a Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering and on-the-field experience working in multinational environments. He also holds more than 12 Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft certifications. Although he is well versed and thorough in multiple technological fields, his technical forte lies in the security domain, specifically CISSP, CEH and CHFI.

      Emilio�s skills have evolved over time, studying closely and constantly staying well informed of the growing cyber threats. These are just some of the few reasons why Emilio brings to his classes more than just what's in the books.
      Enayat M.
      - Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and holder of several Cisco, CompTIA and Microsoft certifications.
      - Experienced instructor working in the field since 1999 and Subject Matter Expert at NetCom Learning since 2006.
      - Worked as Technical Support at Solomon Smith Barney/Citibank.


      Enayat Meer has a Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and holds numerous certifications such as A+, Network+, Security+, CCNA, MCT, and MCTS to name a few. He is an experienced trainer, and has served as an A+, NT4.0, Window 2000 and Windows 2003 instructor in a variety of New York schools since 1999. Since that time, he has also provided technical support at Solomon Smith Barney/Citibank in its private banking and global assets management group.

      Enayat has trained over 800 students at NetCom Learning. He has been a Subject Matter Expert at NetCom Learning since 2006 and his hands-on project expertise is an invaluable addition to NetCom Learning�s classroom instruction, helping to bring theoretical topics to life.
      Erick P.
      - In-depth experience in all phases of project lifecycle: requirements gathering, specifications, development and team management, testing, end user training, and maintenance in addition to .NET, ASP, ADO, SQL, JavaScript, and SharePoint.
      - Developed the first online multimedia training content system to Harvard University as well as multiple online multimedia projects for the North Carolina State Government.
      - Highly rated instructor averaging 8.7 out of 9 on evaluation reports.


      Erick has been training business and IT professionals since 1989, when he developed and introduced the first online multimedia training content system to Harvard University. Since then he has honed his business, programming, and database skills providing highly customized software solutions and education programs for multiple clients such as North Carolina State Government, Cisco, IBM, and Time Warner Cable.

      Erick's teaching prowess and real-world experience leading a team of software application developers make him a top Instructor and Subject Matter Expert at NetCom Learning, where he averages 8.7 out of 9 on evaluation reports.
      Ignacio J.
      - Designs and architects Microsoft IT solutions since the early 1990s.
      - Hands-on experience in multiple Microsoft Dynamics products including CRM, GP, SL, AX and NAV since 2004.
      - Taught over 250 courses at NetCom Learning.


      Ignacio is a Senior Solutions Architect, Civil Engineer and Certified Expert Trainer. He has been designing and architecting Microsoft IT solutions since the early 1990s, and has extensive experience developing scalable and high performance integration solutions. In 2004, Ignacio expanded into business management and accounting software as well, where he gained hands-on experience in many Microsoft Dynamics products including CRM, GP, SL, AX and NAV.

      Ignacio holds a library of industry-wide certifications from Microsoft and other leading IT vendors. He has taught over 250 courses at NetCom Learning and is revered by students for his wide-ranging IT expertise.
      J Tom K.
      - Software Developer and sought-after Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with over 30 years of hands-on experience.
      - Expert in Microsoft technologies: .NET Framework, C#, VB .NET, ASP .NET, XML Web Services, ADO .NET, SQL Server, SharePoint Portal Server, Content Management Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk, MSMQ, COM+, COM Migration to .NET and PocketPC development.
      - Extremely knowledgeable and rated as excellent by NetCom Learning students.


      Tom Kinser is an accomplished Software Developer and sought-after Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). Tom is also an expert in successfully designing software, managing and training programmers for over 30 years.

      Tom specializes in helping businesses, enterprises, and government agencies apply current technologies to solve their unique business problems. He accomplishes this via hands-on training in cutting-edge programming and database design techniques. Tom consistently delivers successful training engagements in both classroom and live-online settings and is rated as excellent by NetCom Learning students.
      Jayson F.
      - Over 32 years of experience as well as 18 certifications, including Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft.
      - Strong background, with web development & design of infrastructure for companies such as AT&T, Sports Illustrated, and Toys R Us.
      - Specialist in applying process and finding solutions to solve them in addition to training people in the skills to manage the process and meet goals.


      Jayson is a talented and valued Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with over 32 years of IT experience. Along with web development & design of infrastructure for companies such as AT&T, Sports Illustrated, and Toys R Us, he holds several IT certifications. He is a CCDA, CCNA, Security+ certified, MCDBA, and MCSE to name a few.

      Jayson's focus is on finding solutions to problems and applying process to solve them. He instructs professionals in the skills to manage the process and meet goals, which makes him a respected trainer at NetCom Learning.
      Michael G.
      - Over 22 years of professional experience in the IT field, including more than a decade as a Certified Trainer.
      - An expert in Cisco's Routing, Switching, Security, Voice and Wireless areas, as well as select Microsoft, Novell, CompTIA, Sun and CWNP courses.
      - High-skilled and acclaimed instructor. Has trained over 900 students at Netcom Learning.


      Michael has over 22 years of professional experience in the IT field, including more than a decade as a Certified Trainer. An expert in Cisco's Routing, Switching, Security, Voice and Wireless areas, Michael also teaches select Microsoft, Novell, CompTIA, Sun and CWNP courses.

      Michael's dedication and passion for teaching is unmatched. He has trained over 900 students at Netcom Learning since 2006 and his evaluation scores average 8.7 out of 9.
      Owen J.
      - NY State Certified instructor since 1998.
      - Highly-skilled A+ and Network+ instructor; consistently scoring 9/9 on evaluation scores.
      - Acclaimed by students to be a very knowledgeable and hands-on instructor, while mixing personal and professional experiences with training.


      Owen has a NY State instructor license since 1998 and has been working in the industry since then. He is a Subject Matter Expert in A+ and Network+, consistently scoring 9/ 9 on student evaluation scores.

      Owen brings real life situations into the classroom to help students better understand how the technology is being used and how to resolve issues. He is very acclaimed by his students for his knowledge and teaching techniques.
    • Actual Client Testimonials
      Brian Yabindranauth Nov 12 2014
      Course was very informative and the staff were very helpful/knowledgeable and professional.
      Course(s) Taken

      George Mensah Oct 29 2014
      The price is great, the ability to reschedule or retake a class without issue is a plus.
      Course(s) Taken
      • MCSA: Office 365
      • MCTS: Exchange Server 2007 Configuration - Boot Camp
      • MCTS and MCITP: Windows Server 2008 - Boot Camp

      Oct 21 2014
      I am currently taking course core solutions of Microsoft lync server 2013. The course is very informative and the instructor is engaging, making sure that we understand the course topics.

      This training will instill skills that I will use on my job $ hopefully lead it advancement in my career.
      Course(s) Taken

      Roy Persaud Oct 21 2014
      Nice facilities, knowledgeable instructors, pleasant experience
      Course(s) Taken

      Vlad Averyanov Oct 21 2014
      high level of knowledge. Friendly learning environment
      Course(s) Taken

      Aug 06 2014
      Great instructors that teach you how to think and not just pass a test.

      -Richard W.
      Course(s) Taken
      • MCTS and MCPD: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development - Boot Camp

      Aug 06 2014
      This class was my first Netcom class I have experienced. I do love the method of teaching from the instructor. He did gave us real world insights on how I can apply technology and settings to a vary of different IT company environments. I simply understand it best from his examples presented in class. Great teacher.

      - Jose F.
      Course(s) Taken

      Aug 06 2014
      The instructor was good and the facility is convenient for me.

      -Per L.
      Course(s) Taken

    • Real world Client Case Studies

      Great Plains training & certification
      Published On: 14 April 2008
      Customer: Washington State Penitentiary
      Location: Walla Walla, WA, US
      Industry: State & Local Government
      Washington State Penitentiary (also called the Walla Walla State Penitentiary) is a Washington State Department of Correctionsmen's prison located in Walla Walla, Washington. With an operating capacity of 2200, it is the second largest prison in the state (afterCoyote Ridge Corrections Center) and is surrounded by wheat fields.
      Business Needs: The Department of Corrections IT networking department used Microsoft Dynamics GP integrated with Microsoft SQL Server as an accounting solution to automate their processes. But their employees were not trained in GP so they outsourced the maintenance to the Partner from whom they bought the software. The Partner had initially configured and implemented the software for them, but was now also responsible for regular maintenance. However, the Department of Corrections wanted to reduce the costs of outsourcing by getting their own employee trained on GP. They decided to get six people trained and NetCom sold them the value of getting the master certification for installation and configuration, financials, inventory and order processing for their team.
      Solution: NetCom created a custom training plan for them to satisfy all their needs. NetCom provided them with fifteen days of onsite training. The training prepared them for SQL server elective to get master certification in GP 9. The training solution included modules from Financial, Installation, Configuration, Inventory and order processing along with SQL Server training. NetCom provided them with exam vouchers, books and custom certification preparation they need for the training.The six students trained were the ones responsible for the Department of Corrections networks for the entire state of Washington. Instead of continuing to hire experts to administer and maintain their system, they invested in education to raise their own in house GP experts.
      Training: Courses Taken
      2072: Microsoft SQL Server 2000 System Administration
      8505: Installation and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8508: Receivables Management I in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8509: Payables Management I in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8510: Bank Reconciliation I in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8511: Fixed Assets I in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8512: Inventory in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8513: Purchase Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8514: Sales Order Processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8506+8507: Foundation I and General Ledger I in Microsoft Dynamic GP 9.0 - Accelerated Version

      Packages Purchased
      MCDBA: Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (Core)
      Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 - Installation and Configuration
      Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 - Financials - Accelerated
      Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 - Inventory and Order Processing
      Benefits: The training helped improved their productivity. They cut down their costs significantly by implementing the software in-house rather than outsourcing. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrated with Microsoft SQL Server training from NetCom helped them deliver on a long-term vision of community safety by installing and configuring their financials by inventory and order processing.

      SQL Server 2012 Training
      Published On: 25 October 2012
      Customer: Steve Simon
      Location: New York, NY, US
      Business Needs: Steve is an experienced IT consultant particularly in the area of SQL DBA and programming, but had not had the time to keep up with the latest advancements in his field. His business had lost large contracts due to his lack of knowledge of delivering SQL business intelligence reports. He needs to update his skill set so that he can offer the latest in SQL capabilities to increase sales for his business.
      Solution: A NetCom Learning educational consultant sent Steve a link about upcoming SQL courses at NetCom Learning. The recommendation was for a Boot camp or Learning Package that offered intensive Microsoft SQL Server 2012 training and three different courses under one umbrella including Querying SQL, Administering SQL Databases, and Implementing a Data Warehouse using SQL Server.

      Download and view Case Study in PDF format

      Training: Courses Taken
      10774: Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
      10775: Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases
      10777: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012

      Packages Purchased
      MCSA: SQL Server 2012 Combo
      Benefits: The SQL training is allowing Steve to better serve his existing customers and gives him the skill sets he needs in order to win SQL contracts based on being able to deliver business intelligence reporting capabilities. He has decided he needs to study the material and use it in the field before sitting for his certification exam in SQL, but he feels the training was very helpful in learning the material. I was able to learn technology, face to face, from experts in their fields, Steve said. He was also grateful for the information he received about the class, saying that the link to the website was just the training he needed and wanted. Steve will also be taking additional coursework in SQL at NetCom Learning to continue to keep his skills current.

      Windows PowerShell Training Leads To New Opportunities To Create Company Efficiencies
      Published On: 2 August 2013
      Customer: ARAMARK Corporation
      Location: New York, NY, US
      Industry: Leisure
      Aramark delivers experiences that enrich and nourish people?s lives through innovative services in food, facilities management, and uniforms. We provide award-winning services to healthcare institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses in 22 countries around the world.
      Business Needs: In response to multiple requests to resolve technical problems having to do with using older hardware, such as printers, and new computers, the service desk area performed a software assessment and determined that the use of the Microsoft Windows PowerShell software application would meet the company's needs. The assessment determined that PowerShell would work to deliver a new program that would take care of the technical problems. The assessment was done in March and April of 2013 and the determination that the staff would need training in PowerShell to take full advantage of the application was determined in June 2013.
      Solution: With the company holding several Microsoft Software Assurance Vouchers, NetCom Learning Consultant was able to provide the right solution to the Departments Manager with a standard training solution in Windows PowerShell that would meet the company's needs and help resolve the technical issues. Since the company's Senior Technical Analyst is located in Philadelphia, NetCom Learning Consultant successfully provided a live online training method, allowing the professional to get the training without the hassle of travelling.

      Download and view Case Study in PDF format

      Training: Courses Taken
      10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

      Packages Purchased
      Microsoft Windows PowerShell 3.0
      Benefits: Since the training, the company has been able to implement the needed programmatic fix for the technical issues. In addition, the company has determined that Windows PowerShell has many additional uses for the company's highly distributed IT infrastructure. The company is now looking at using PowerShell in the area of data collection, local machine administration, and security compliance. The fact that company staff is now well trained in the application will allow the organization to fully utilize the power of Windows PowerShell to meet company needs and grow the business. Aramark staff credits NetCom Learning with providing the right type of training and recommendations and exactly the level of training needed to get the job done.

      USS-POSCO - Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development
      Published On: 18 November 2009
      Customer: USS-POSCO Industries
      Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US
      Industry: Metals & Mining::Steel Production
      The USS-POSCO steel finishing plant is owned and operated by USS-POSCO Industries (UPI), a joint venture company established by U. S. Steel Corporation and POSCO, of the Republic of Korea.

      The first Pittsburgh steel facility opened in 1910 as a 60-man foundry under the name Columbia Steel. Consisting of one building and a single 150-ton open hearth, the plant furnished steel castings for the dredging, lumber and shipping industries.

      Today, UPI manufactures cold rolled, galvanized and tin mill products from hot rolled steel. With the support of nearly 1,000 hourly and salaried employees, UPI ships steel daily to more than 150 customers, primarily in the thirteen western states.

      Business Needs: The need arose when [USS-POSCO] management decided to purchase a third party software package for HR & Payroll. As a traditional IBM Mainframe COBOL and Java shop, they needed to ensure that the new applications would integrate seamlessly with the existing legacy and Java applications. The new software was developed in the Microsoft .NET 3.5 platform, and at the time of purchase they had no formal training in Microsoft Development Tools and Platforms.

      USS-POSCO looked around for public courses and found that either there were no suitable courses available or those that were offered publicly conflicted with their work schedules.

      Solution: NetCom quickly delivered a complete private training solution to USS-POSCO's doorstep in Pittsburgh, PA.

      "NetCom's solution was perfect from the quality of the courseware, delivery and timely schedule stand point. After an initial consultation with a NetCom representative, we were able to understand each other and quickly came up with a plan of execution for customized courses in a very tight schedule. As all the students were experienced programmers, we wanted our training to be concise and compact. After further discussions with the potential trainers and consultants, a course detail was drawn up, and we had a chance to review the course outline before approving it. The training courses were conducted on site and our employees were happy not having to travel. The all inclusive cost was just right. We are happy to say that the training course was delivered by a well experienced and competent instructor."

      - Liung Ling, Senior Programmer, USS-POSCO

      Download and view Case Study in PDF format

      Training: Courses Taken
      2124: Programming with C#
      2956: Core Foundations of Microsoft .NET 2.0 Development

      Packages Purchased
      MCSD: Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (C#.Net Track)
      MCTS: .NET 3.5 ADO.NET and ASP.NET Application
    • USS-POSCO was able to gain the necessary skills to complement their programming knowledge and facilitate a successful transition into the Microsoft Development Tools and .NET platforms.
    • NetCom was able to service the needs of USS-POSCO within their tight schedule, by condensing a great deal of knowledge into 4 days of intensive, customized training. Because the students were experienced programmers they were able to dictate and thrive in this fast pace.
    • NetCom provided an experienced instructor and shipped all authorized course materials to USS-POSCO. Since the employees did not have to travel, there was minimal down-time and maximum Return on Investment.

      "After four very intense days of learning, we feel that we have gained a great deal. Thank you."

      - Liung Ling, Senior Programmer, USS-POSCO

    • Providing certification training for QWEST
      Published On: 14 April 2008
      Customer: CenturyLink
      Location: Denver, CO, US
      CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunications company in the United States and is recognized as a leader in the network services market by technology industry analyst firms. The Company is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions for enterprise customers. CenturyLink provides data, voice and managed services in local, national and select international markets through its high-quality advanced fiber optic network and multiple data centers for businesses and consumers. The company also offers advanced entertainment services under the CenturyLink® Prism? TV and DIRECTV brands. Headquartered in Monroe, La., CenturyLink is an S&P 500 company and is included among the Fortune 500 list of America's largest corporations.
      Business Needs: Qwest was looking to expand its operations and needed key in-house IT expertise to scale its operations. Their technicians needed to gain systems engineer skills to achieve this.
      Solution: NetCom create a custom class for Qwest and provided certification training to two groups of eight students each. Each group went through six weeks of training focused on MCSE training and certification. Qwest flew in the students from national locations to a central training facility.
      Training: Courses Taken
      2272: Implementing and Supporting Microsoft Windows XP Professional
      2285: Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows XP Professional
      Consulting Service

      Packages Purchased
      MCSA, MCSE 2003, Windows XP - Accelerated
      Microsoft Windows XP
      Consulting Service
      Benefits: The training went very well and Qwest was very satisfied with NetCom's certification training approach. They were able to connect better with their customers by earning the MCSE certifications as their customers actually value Qwest more with the MCSE credentials. The MCSE certification for Windows 2003 helped them significantly to go beyond providing the basic skills to show the specialized real-world capability to their customers and made their growth process easier.NetCom is also working on providing similar training to one more group, followed by Upgrade to Server 2008 training to two more groups.

      Montefiore Hospital Migrating from Novell to Microsoft
      Published On: 14 April 2008
      Customer: Montefiore Medical Center
      Location: New York, NY, US
      Industry: Health Care
      Montefiore is ranked among the top hospitals nationally and regionally by U.S. News & World Report. For more than 100 years we have been innovating new treatments, new procedures and new approaches to patient care, producing stellar outcomes and raising the bar for medical centers in the region and around the world. As we build on this momentum, we continue to advance the practice of medicine and set the standard for excellence
      Business Needs: Maintaining accurate, complete, up-to-date information on inventory levels and materials needs is very critical to hospital operations. The Montefiore Hospital Network required a solution that addressed the challenges of collecting and sharing critical data throughout multiple locations and disparate, non-compatible technologies. Montefiore had been using Novell technology solutions for many years but was considering a move to Microsoft. Licensing negotiations were stalled as Montefiore looked at the overwhelming cost of retraining their entire team to support the Microsoft platform.
      Solution: NetCom came in with a training proposal that addressed Montefiore needs with a blended learning solution that allowed Montefiore to take advantage of online learning, public instructor led classes and boot camps, as well as customized onsite training and support to meet their implementation schedule all with significant savings. This dynamic plan brought Montefiores confidence in the ability to pull the trigger on the deal and that their product rollouts would happen with trained and certified staff ready to implement and support the Microsoft platform.
      Training: Courses Taken
      2400: Implementing and Managing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

      Packages Purchased
      Microsoft Exchange 2003
      Benefits: With the in-depth training plan created by NetCom, Montefiore was able to move forward with its planned migration to Microsoft suite of products. In addition to making improvements in their internal operations and communication, this rollout will allow Montefiores EHT Group to begin offering managed services to other regional hospitals and health providers, expanding a new business line.

      MCTS SQL Server 2008 & Company Wide Cost Savings
      Published On: 13 September 2012
      Customer: Jim Stanton
      Location: Las Vegas, NV
      Business Needs: Jim Stanton an IT professional has been using SQL Server 2008 in the IT department of a local water district for approximately three years. The organization upgraded the software but was unable to budget for staff training at the time of the upgrade. Jim is self taught in the basics of SQL Server 2008. Jim believes he is not using the software to its potential and has had to rely on the software vendor for assistance in doing his job, which is costing the organization additional expense. Customer needs include both the water district and its employee, Jim Stanton needs the training in SQL Server 2008 and MCTS SQL Server 2008 to do his job and advance his career. The water district needs its employees to be correctly trained in the software they had purchased and implemented to take advantage of the software upgrade, improve company efficiency and reduce budget costs by eliminating the need for costly vendor assistance.
      Solution: Company budget eventually allowed for individual software training. An educational consultant at NetCom Learning provided a recommendation to Jim Stanton for the Las Vegas Boot Camp in SQL Server 2008. The Las Vegas Boot Camp provides intensive training in a week long session, covering three classes in seven days. The classes included Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2008.The training options such as boot camps, online classes and regular classroom environments offered by NetCom Learning allow customers to choose the type of training that works for them. Jim Stanton was able to get the intense comprehensive training he was looking for with the Boot Camp experience.

      Download and view Case Study in PDF format

      Training: Courses Taken
      2778: Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL Boot Camp
      6231: Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Boot Camp
      6232: Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Database Boot Camp

      Benefits: After the intensive training at the NetCom Learning Boot Camp, Jim Stanton is now able to write complex queries that previously would have required vendor assistance. The NetCom Learning training in SQL Server 2008 allowed the company to reap the full benefits of their software upgrade, while reducing the cost of vendor support. The company also was able to take advantages of staff efficiencies in the IT department and across the company as all SQL work was able to be handled in house. Jim Stanton, with training from NetCom, was able to do pass the SQL Server 2008 exam for certification, do his job more efficiently and add SQL Server 2008 to his knowledge base, thereby increasing his potential for career advancement.

      Customized SQL training for expert SQL users
      Published On: 14 April 2008
      Customer: Gold Bridge Partners, Inc.
      Location: Augusta, ME
      Industry: Computer Services::Information Technology Services
      Gold Bridge Partners, Inc. is a nationally-recognized web development and technology corporation located in Augusta, ME. For nearly a decade their team has been delivering technical and creative solutions for government, private businesses, and non-profit organizations. Gold Bridge's products and services include custom software development, web design, IT support, and much more. They understand the importance of a professional online presence for every business and organization. Their goal is to provide you with an attractive website and integrated tools to keep you on the cutting-edge.
      Business Needs: Gold Bridge Partners IT development team had been developing business log for years in middle tear application components developed in application languages such as Java, Perl, PHP, ASP/VB and .NET. In a recent project they included as much business logic as possible in the database (DB2 PL/SQL). They were considering developing their business logic more at the database level in the future, specifically for upcoming SQL Server / .NET projects. We want to be sure we are aware of best practices for coding T-SQL stored procedures and triggers and what unexpected issues or pitfalls we might be up against. We have many years experience developing software and some years experience writing T-SQL. We just want to make sure we know what we're doing before we try to write the entire business logic layer in T-SQL. We want to bring our already experienced developers to the EXPERT level. said Jonathan Williams, IT development manager for Gold Bridge.
      Solution: Since the intended audience was a very advanced group of SQL users, NetCom created a custom onsite training class for them using Microsofts MCITP SQL 2005 advanced Business Intelligence Program. NetComs subject matter expert (SME) created a custom plan for them making sure the custom training gave enough time to make the training effective. The final training was scheduled as a four day class for five of their employees, and took into consideration their budget constraints.
      Training: Courses Taken
      2794: Designing a Business Intelligence Solution for the Enterprise Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005

      Packages Purchased
      MCITP: SQL Server 2005 - Business Intelligence Developer
      Benefits: The training went very well. We are pleased. James (our SME) was both fun and informative. The training that we have received has aided us greatly in our development efforts said Jonathan. With NetComs database training, they were able to develop their business logic at the database level effectively.

      Custom Great Plains and BizTalk Training
      Published On: 14 April 2008
      Customer: Universidad de las Americas Puebla
      Location: Puebla, Mxico
      Industry: Education::Colleges & Universities
      La Universidad de las Américas Puebla es la mejor universidad privada de México, ubicada en San Andrés Cholula, Puebla.
      Business Needs: "We need to learn more about Great Plains and the different options we have to extend its functionality" said Hugo Lopez, Training coordinator of Universidad de las Americas Puebla. UDLA had implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) but was having problems with its implementation as people in their IT department were not trained in GP. UDLA started looking for GP training in Mexico but was unsuccessful in finding the training to satisfy their needs. When UDLA contacted NetCom, they wanted to send two people to US for the Dynamics GP training.
      Solution: Universidad de las Americas Pueblas goal was to gain the in-depth knowledge to customize and implement Microsoft Dynamics GP using Dexterity. Since there was no official courseware for Dexterity, NetCom created custom training as per their needs. NetCom also provided them custom training at their site in Mexico where they could train a group of employees. This also helped them circumvent immigration issues with their employees getting VISA to the US.NetCom sent a bilingual (English and Spanish speaking) GP instructor to run the custom class for them. The training went on for three weeks and was very successful. "My Team and I are very happy with the training and with the instructor (hes a person who really knows a lot about the product). This training is going to be very useful in the projects that we are working on. We are so happy, that we are interested in some additional training" said Hugo. UDLA also requested BizTalk Server training for econnect. Again, NetCom created another custom plan for econnect training which was conducted over eight days.
      Training: Courses Taken
      2933: Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006
      2934: Deploying and Managing Business Process and Integration Solutions Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006
      8507: General Ledger I in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8517: Report Writer in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8518: Business Portal Installation and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics GP
      8519: Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager
      8520: Modifier with Visual Basic with Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      8597: General Ledger II in Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0
      Consulting Service

      Packages Purchased
      MCTS: BizTalk Server 2006
      Microsoft Dynamics GP 9.0 - Other
      Consulting Service
      Benefits: Universidad de las Americas Pueblas IT department had already implemented Microsoft Dynamics GP as an (ERP) but now they were able to use its full functionality. They were very satisfied with the whole training and were able to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP and integrate it with the other applications with associated technology. They were also able to integrate econnect with BizTalk very efficiently.

      Global Vista Training for international law firm
      Published On: 14 April 2008
      Customer: Latham & Watkins LLP
      Location: US and Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Hong Kong
      From a global platform of offices in the world's major financial, business and regulatory centers the firm's lawyers help clients succeed.
      Business Needs: Keeping up with the cutting edge technology and service their clients in the best possible way, Latham and Watkins required a stable and reliable IT infrastructure, so they decided to migrate from Microsofts Windows XP to Windows Vista. But they realized that to successfully integrate Vista in their organization and getting full advantage of Vista applications, their tech team requires the right training. So they turned to NetCom in search to satisfy their training needs. What we really need is a course that updates our Tech Support skills from XP to Vista said Diane, Latham & Watkins training development manager.
      Solution: Latham & Watkins was looking to run a series of 2 day custom Vista classes over 2-3 months at their several offices around the U.S. & worldwide that require this training. After understanding their training needs, NetComs lead Microsoft Subject Matter Expert (SME) and training logistics team put together a customized version of Vista courses 5115 and 5118 that would address the needs of Latham & Watkins. They wanted to include the introduction to Vista and the Aero Interface and IE 7.0 and take out any reference to Bit locker, Defender, and Firewall. A custom class with the custom course curriculum was created and held and multiple locations globally.
      Training: Courses Taken
      5118: Maintaining and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Computers
      5115: Installing and Configuring the Windows Vista Operating System
      Consulting Service

      Packages Purchased
      MCTS: Windows Vista Configuration
      MCITP: Enterprise Support Technician
      Consulting Service
      Benefits: NetComs training made for an effective transition from Windows XP to Vista for Latham & Watkins. They were very pleased with NetComs SMEs two day custom Vista training.The training was eventually held at several locations within the US and four other cities globally Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; Hong Kong, China and Hamburg, Germany.

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