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Student Testimonials and Reviews

Our customers are our top priority at NetCom Learning. Today, over 2,309 students have left us testimonials.
Read and watch what students had to say about their experience at NetCom:

Video Testimonials

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Written Testimonials

Beth Linares
Jan 22 2015
Great experience. Great People. For any question or issue they have a solution for it. Good workplace.
Course(s) Taken
John Gormley
Jan 21 2015
great learning experience, great teacher, great atmosphere.
Course(s) Taken
Danielle Halperin
Jan 19 2015
I liked the way the course was taught. I am a hands-on learning so the lab was great. The instructor, and everyone I come in contact with there, was wonderful. Very nice, helpful and welcoming.
Course(s) Taken
David Logothetis
Jan 14 2015
The online experience was stellar.. The class leader was also very knowledgeable and professional.
Course(s) Taken
Jared Ardis
Dec 19 2014
I really liked the layout of student learning website. It was easy to access labs, books and other materials. I also had a great teacher which was another benefit.
Course(s) Taken
Nov 12 2014
I would recommend because the tech support and the learning consultant are all very helpful. The instructors are very knowledgeable and knows exactly what they are teaching about
Course(s) Taken
Brian Yabindranauth
Nov 12 2014
Course was very informative and the staff were very helpful/knowledgeable and professional.
Course(s) Taken
George Mensah
Oct 29 2014
The price is great, the ability to reschedule or retake a class without issue is a plus.
Course(s) Taken
Christina Stalder
Oct 28 2014
convenient location, friendly staff, excellent instructor
Course(s) Taken

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