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2,211 written testimonials available.

Apr 10 2014
NetCom has the competent trainers and instructors and the content of the course will enhance the students knowledge.

-Nestor A.
Course(s) Taken

Apr 10 2014
It was a good training with an awesome Instructor very sharp and knowledgeable.

-Sanjeev H.
Course(s) Taken

Apr 10 2014
Trainer was very knowledgeable. We learned a lot in two days and were able to use and implement our training immediately upon returning to our office. Educational consultant knew exactly what required and placed us in the corresponding courses. Snack cart was a great way to breakup the morning training. We appreciated the transparency of the office in that the NetCom employees were not hidden behind doors. Very friendly environment.

-Emily K.
Course(s) Taken

Apr 10 2014
Great classes, knowledgeable professors, helpful and friendly staff. I loved the school and the classes. I enjoyed my professor because he gave more then just text book answers. he exposed to real life situations and what to actually expect in the field.

-Andrew H.
Course(s) Taken

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2,211 written testimonials available.

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