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Student Testimonials and Reviews

Our customers are our top priority at NetCom Learning. Today, over 2,361 students have left us testimonials.
Read and watch what students had to say about their experience at NetCom:

Video Testimonials

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Written Testimonials

Mike W.
Oct 1 2015 02:28:
The material that Chris presented for this course made it easy to understand. His real world experiences were tremendously helpful.
Course(s) Taken
Dominica M.
Oct 1 2015 02:26:
It was a pleasure learning from Chris because,he is relatable, comfortable, and knowledgeable.
Course(s) Taken
Tom R.
Oct 1 2015 02:23:
The instructor is GREAT! She kept my attention the entire. She taught things I will need to know, especially when assisting users calling our Help Desk for assistance.
Course(s) Taken
Leslie A.
Oct 1 2015 02:21:
Nikkia let us go at our own pace today, which worked out better. We had such a wide array of experience that it made the training flow better.
Course(s) Taken
Steve A.
Oct 1 2015 02:17:
Extremely fortunate to have an instructor with super experience, both applied and theoretical!
Course(s) Taken
Muthu B.
Oct 1 2015 02:16:
Richard was knowledgeable and very accommodating to our requests. The class was fast paced and fun to learn.
Course(s) Taken
John David S.
Sep 10 2015 02:45:
Excellent job fielding questions, followed up with answers the following day for questions not immediately able to answer.
Course(s) Taken
Douglas W.
Sep 10 2015 02:41:
Well prepared, responsive, adaptive, and well-rounded. Displayed a true knowledge of the material and presented professionally.
Course(s) Taken
Jason G.
Sep 10 2015 02:38:
Rishi was AWESOME. He took time to answer questions as they were asked and even demonstrated the scenario with his screen shared, so we could see what was happening.
Course(s) Taken

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