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35 case studies available.

United States Armed Forces Stays Current in Technology with NetCom Learning

Published On: 15 October 2013
Customer: Anonymous Client
Location: Offsite Training

Business Needs: The United States Armed Forces have a continuing need for the best in information and information technology. To be able to defend the country and it is imperative that the military stay current in the latest technology releases that will be of benefit in managing information. The military client determined that there was an immediate need for new recruits and some current staff in the IT department be trained in both Microsoft SharePoint and in ITIL with the goal of certification in both applications. Microsoft SharePoint helps streamline information technology transfer within an organization providing a central management infrastructure with an interface that looks like Microsoft Office. ITIL software provides an infrastructure that IT professionals can use to manage the planning, delivery, IT support and identification of information technology services within an organization. Just under 500 new recruits and current staff require training in SharePoint and ITIL.
Solution: The U.S. military forces turned to NetCom Learning to provide a training solution that would work them in terms of quality, cost efficiencies and speed of training. NetCom Learning is a trusted name in IT and business technology training providing innovative training solutions that can be customized and scaled up or down depending on client needs. The client, who previously used NetCom Learning for SharePoint end user training, was pleased with the results of the training. NetCom Learning consultants worked with the military organization to determine the best training solution to meet client requirements. The recommended training solution was for offsite training to be conducted in small groups to ensure that each student received individual attention and hands on training.

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Training: Packages Purchased
MCSE: SharePoint 2013 Combo
MCSD: SharePoint 2013 Applications Combo
SharePoint 2013 End User
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Site Collection and Site Administration
ITIL ITSM 2011 Foundation Certification
Benefits: The training in ITIL and Microsoft SharePoint training provided the military organization with the latest in IT training quickly and cost efficient getting both current staff and new recruits up to speed in software that provides enterprise wide IT management and meets IT infrastructure needs. The offsite classes provided students with the hands on training and individual attention needed so that they would be prepared for certification exams. There is no more important organization that needs to have an effective and current IT technology organization than the U.S. military. NetCom Learning provided a customized training solution that delivered quality training to a large group of students in multiple software applications in an efficient and economical manner.

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35 case studies available.
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